7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Pet

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7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Pet
While a recent study conducted by the ASPCA found that 35% of US households have a
cat and a 44% have a dog, the decision to get a pet takes a lot of consideration. You
will need to consider what kind of animal will best fit your lifestyle. Making a cho ice based
on you level of commitment should give you a good idea of what type of pet will be st fit into
your lifestyle and priorities. Although there is not one perfect pet for everyone, there
are many reasons why you should have a pet.
Pets like dogs and cats offer their owners with companionship, understanding and
an unbreakable bond of devotion that they can’t find elsewhere. Ot her pets like birds,
fish and reptiles provide owners with structure and purpose to daily life through
having a pet-care routine. The daily routine of caring for your pet is very satisfying for pet
owners who feel like they may be lacking purpose. The benefits owning a pet are
considerable. Read on for the 7 top reasons why you should have a pe t.
They Will Make You Laugh Every Single Da y
Laughter has been show to reduce stress, improve your mood, strengthen your re silience,
and a good belly laugh can even burn calories! Daily laughter should not be
underestimated as a reason to get a pet. Cat owners roll in laughter watching their ca t
chase a laser light or feather toy. Dog owners can’t help but giggle at their pets as th ey
jump for joy or chase their own tails. Time spent with your pet is sure to pro vide happy,
funny moments, day after day.
Pets Teach You Selflessness
Author Donald L. Hicks said “those who teach about humanity aren’t always humans“. Pets
often teach their owners about selflessness in a more profound way than another
person could. When pet owners have a strong bond with their pets, they will do anythi ng
to help them when they are hungry or in need of medical attention. As humans, we
understand that the very survival of our pets is in our hands. Owning a pet teaches us t he
value of selflessness.
A Pet Can Help Make New Friends
Instead of retreating to your comfort zone, owning a pet will introduce you to new so cial
situations like shared activities of other pet owners. Pets actually work as an am azing ice
breaker during everyday activities with your pet like taking you dog for a wa lk, a trip
to the dog park or participating in pet-centered events. Meeting oth er pet owners who
have similar interests in person or through online forums will give pet owners w ho may be
shy, or new in town a way to socialize and make new friends.
Pets Make the Best Companions
As we age or our relationship status changes, loneliness can lead to depression o r other
resulting emotional issues. Pets will always be there for you and stick with you no matter
what. A pet can give you excellent support and unmatched companio nship through
their natural sense of empathy with no judgment in return. In fact, many pet owners
prefer the companionship of their pet to that of other people. You will always be able to
count on your loyal little buddy to be there when you need to vent, cry or just want to forget
about things for a while.
A Pet Can Help You Get in Shape, and Stay in Shape
Owning a pet will improve your physical, mental and emotional health. Beyond the
physical activity, mental comfort and consistent emotional support, ownin g a pet will
actually extend your life. The American Heart Association reports that the physical
exercise you get with playtime and walking your dog attributes to the following:
Boosts Immunity
Lowers the Risk of Obesity
Improves Blood Pressure
Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease
Reduces the Risk of Breast Cancer
Regardless of your age or physical ability, own ing a pet is a great way to get
into shape and be the encouragement to help you stay there.
A Pet Helps Relieve Stress
Pet owners will attest that simply being together with their pet greatly redu ces
stress, depression and anxiety. Studies have proven an increase in the stress-re ducing
hormones dopamine and oxytocin and a decrease in the levels of the stress-caus ing
hormone call cortisol for pet owners. Findings from an interesting study, released in
Science magazine, revealed that when a pet owner looked into the eyes of their pe t,
oxytocin levels increased in both the pet owner and their pet. Companionship, regula r
physical fitness and just maybe those adorable puppy dog eyes will help yo ur
mental state and better help you to cope with everyday life’s challenges.
Getting A Pet is Great for Your Kids
Getting a pet will help kids learn vital life skills and lessons like empathy, respo nsibility,
routine and structure. The relationships your children develop wit h their pets are truly
special and extraordinary. Learning important character building lesso ns like
responsibility and stay on schedule by caring for their pet will have far-reaching a dvantages
for the rest of their lives. Similar to the vital role that companionship pets and therap y
animals play in their owner’s lives, pets will offer your children the same type of
amazing emotional support throughout their childhood.
Give the Gift of Freedom to Your Pet
Becoming a new pet owner may just become one of your life’s greatest joys and maybe
even one of your most rewarding experiences. New pet owners can improve the ir pet’s
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