7 Tips for Making Your Children's Shoes Last Longer

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7 Tips for Making Your Children's Shoes Last Longer

Between school, sleepovers and soccer practice, your children's shoes take a lot of abuse. But what
if you don't have the money or energy to replace them every other month? Here are seven tips for
increasing the longevity of your children's footwear.

1: Put Them Outside

Believe it or not, shoes need fresh air just like flowers and pets. They need time to air out and dry off
after a full day of collecting sweat, and in a lot of homes, the indoor air quality just isn't good
enough. You may prolong shoe life by several months if you make a habit of sticking them on the

2: Forget the Hairdryer

If your child has been playing in the rain, you might be tempted to blow dry their wet, muddy shoes.
Resist the urge! Such direct applications of heat will adversely wear at shoes over time, especially if
aren't made of waterproof material in the first place. When you need to soak up moisture, opt for
wads of newspaper instead.

3: Mind The Laces

Broken laces are more than just an eyesore. If they aren't properly tied and fitted, your child will
start subconsciously shifting their posture to accommodate the poor support, which in turn puts
stress on the shoe and makes it much more susceptible to damage. Make sure your girls' and boys'
shoes have proper laces at all times.

4: Protect The Soles

Soles often wear out before the rest of the shoe, but that doesn't mean the entire pair has to go in
the trash. You can usually have them resoled for a fraction of the cost of replacing them. You can
also take preventative measures, like having rubber soles installed over leather ones, which can be
removed and replaced as needed without any strain to the shoe's body.

5: Use Your Freezer

If you live in a cold, wet climate, you're probably already familiar with the stink of shoes that have
been traipsed through the snow one too many times. But did you know that sticking them in the
freezer for a few hours will kill bacteria and odour? A quick vacation on ice will also keep them
strong and supple.

6: Beware of Friction

Friction is the biggest enemy to a shoe's lifespan, especially when its wearer is prone to running,
jumping and scuffing his way across basketball courts and linoleum hallways. Buff your little boys
shoes to keep him from turning his hundred dollar athletic sneakers into a pair of expensive door
stoppers. You might also want to take a toothbrush to its bottoms, digging out any dirt and debris
will scratch and tear.

7: Buy The Right Pair

Even more than maintenance, make and material are the keys to long-lasting shoes. Boys, girls and
shoes will always be a stressful combination, so even regular upkeep won't stop a poorly-made pair
from falling apart before their rightful expiration date. Invest in a quality pair today to save yourself
frustration tomorrow.

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