7 Unique Ways to Increase Average Order Value of Your Web to print Store!

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7 Unique Ways to Increase Average Order Value
of Your Web to print Store!
Ifyou have a web-to-print store for some time now, you would know it’s no less than a constant struggle
to keep it running in the first phase of its existence, yes, even later on. Once the effort dies, so does the
ability to earn through a said medium. Anyway, back to the point. Even though proper marketing and
other tactics work out to bring sufficient customers to the site, the next step seems to be more
challenging to tackle. The scenario typical goes like this:
Everything is ready; your web to print shop is up for the customers.
The same tried and rather exploited marketing tactics goes into attracting customers to the site.
​​You start making sales.
Pause. You start making sales but notice that your customers aren’t being generous with their shopping,
and rather picking up a limited number of products every time. So, there’s a pause to the progress of
your store here.
What now? Waiting is not a solution as the graphs aren’t going to improve magically. You need to make
some efforts to encourage your customers to buy more, ultimately aimed to increase average order
value of your web-to-print store.
Let’s then check out the tried but ‘not yet fully exploited’ ways to do so.
1. Product Recommendation
Can you imagine the typical scene of a brick & mortar store? Here, let us help:
You are the customer. You go to a particular shop to buy a pair of jeans, let’s suppose. You are just done
buying, or still at it and happen to spot a t-shirt on display that you had been looking for. Viola! The
shopkeeper just made an extra sale, without any extra efforts.
So, now, how to do that with your web-to-print store? While your customer is moving through different
product pages, recommend your popular products purposefully so that the customer not only is
comfortably looking at what he wants, but also at things he might want to have!
Now, another way is cross-selling, which is the same formula but the products you recommend are
somehow related to the product and hence the buyer is more likely to buy them. Adopting it for a
web-to-print store might be a little tricky, but shouldn’t be a problem if your web to print store solutions
provides you with options to design multiple ranges of products.
2. Free Shipping
There’s no doubt to the fact that free shipping attracts customers like a magnet. No, seriously, it’s the
case with online shopping. In fact, you must have noticed the trend yourself at some point of time, while
playing the customer’s role of buying something online. Agreed? So, you can offer free shipping to your
customers. Not with all individual products, but on a set order value. That makes the customer mentally
note to spend at least that much to get benefit from the offer. Also, make sure you promote it on your
web-to-print storefront, in a way that it is one of the first things the customer set his eyes on when he
arrives on the home page.
3. Effective Tools
It is quite apparent that your business is based on a product designer tool that allows the customers to
design their own products. And therefore, it’s important that you choose a tool that’s not only easy to
use, but provides ample options for the customer to try out on various products and eventually order
them. A complicated product designer tool can end up irritating the customer deciphering its
functionality and the first product they order might end up being the last one. But an effective, fun to
use product designer attracts your customers to design more products and as customer psychology
works, they end up buying almost all products they design themselves.