7th Grade Math

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7th Grade Math
Tutorvista is designed to provide quality help for students with math. We provide 7th grade math
help and our online tutors give detail explanation of each and every concept coming under this
grade. Following is a representative list of topics covered in our 7th grade Math help - however
all programs will be customized for the individual student.
Important topics covered under 7 Grade Math Help
Following are the important topics coming under 7 grade math:
* Rational numbers
* Laws of exponents
* Operation on rational numbers
* Surface area
* Geometry
* Percentage
* Algebraic expression
* Linear equations
* Inverse functions
* Triangles
* Quadrilateral

* Circles
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List of Topics Covered under 7th Grade Math
Following are the list of topics that are covered in our math help 7th grade:

* Problems involving positive/negative powers
* Solving problems in percent; proportional relationships
* Formulas for measurement
* Graphing data to demonstrate relationships
* Arithmetic sequences
* Simplifying numerical expressions
* Operations on monomials
* Linear/non-linear functions, equations, inequalities
* Multistep problems
* Complementary/supplementary angles
* Properties of 2-d and 3-d figures
* Rectangular coordinate system
* Reflections/translations on a coordinate plane
* Sketching and modeling
* Regular/irregular geometric shapes

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* Regular/irregular geometric shapes
* Geometric concepts
* Tessellations
* Properties of lines
* Basic constructions
* Pythagorean theorem
* Congruence
* Relation between objects in space
* Graphing solutions of inequalities
* Problems in measurements
* Formulas for measurement
* Scale drawings
* Significant digits
* Relative error and magnitude
Number and Operations
* Rational numbers
* Problems involving markups, commissions, profits
* Squares and square roots
* Operations on fractions, decimals, integers
* Rates and ratios

* Order of operations, exponents
* Scientific notation, radicals, absolute value, irrational/real numbers

* Number systems
* Positive/negative numbers - inverse relationships
* Estimation of solutions
* Primes, factors, multiples, number sequences
* Simple/compound interest
Probability and Statistics
* Simple/composite experiments, independent events, odds for and odds against
* Representations of data
* Mean, median, mode, and range

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