A Brand Agency Needs Core Competencies in Multiple Media

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A Brand Agency Needs Core
Competencies in Multiple Media
Brand inconsistency and lack of brand strategy or a "core idea" behind the
brand is one of the greatest barriers to a brand agency aiming to develop your
A Brand Agency aims to develop a brand in-line with
the brand strategy. The brand creative (graphic devices,
key headlines, colour and imagery) need to be consistent
in execution for the strategy to take effect, to achieve this an agency needs skil sets across online
and print media.
if your company is sending out clean, consistent messages through multiple forms of media, the
chances of engaging a customer through clear brand messaging is much greater.
Charles Elena Design is a creative brand agency with expertise in both online and print media.
Boasting a wel rounded team of brand strategists, corporate identity designers, web developers
and designers and email marketers, Charles Elena has helped many Australian and International
brands achieve corporate goals through consistency of design.
The method
As a brand agency Charles Elena realises that not every brand is the same. Our brand strategy
experts careful y analyse past campaigns, customer and market data before building a brand
architecture that takes into account the core message of your brand. Once the core message is
developed, our brand strategists wil then work on:
* Brand position in the market
* Current identity analysis (visual audit)
* Brand personality
* Brand tone
The master brand strategy
For companies with multiple products or services, a master brand strategy can be utilised. This
involves creating an overarching "master" brand look and feel, with sub-brands that have a unified
"family" look in relation to the master brand. Our brand strategists work closely with creative
Brand Strategy
Charles Elena Design
Melbourne, Australia

corporate identity designers to ensure the message and display are consistent with business
Consistency of design
Achieving consistency of design amongst multiple
advertising mediums can be a chal enge when using
different agencies for each media type. Luckily, Charles Elena
Design is a brand agency with a wel rounded team with expertise in both online and print media,
* Web design
* Web development
* Email marketing
* Banner ad and landing page creation
* Newspaper and magazine advertising
* Flyers and newsletters
* Annual reports
* SEO and SEM
* Internal templates and letters
* Copywriting and editing
For more examples of consistent, eye-catching designs, please view our portfolio page. Cal Charles
Elena on (03) 9663 5433 for more information about improving your brand consistency. Visit our
website http://www.charleselena.com.au.
Brand Strategy
Charles Elena Design
Melbourne, Australia