A Guide To Dissolving Your Marriage In The UK

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Do I Need To Get A Lawyer To Get Divorced In The UK?

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Statistics show that there has been a general reduction in the number of people getting divorced
in the United Kingdom since 2003. There are many reasons which are believed to cause this
trend, the ongoing financial crisis being one of them. Experts believe that the drop in divorce
cases is caused by human tendency to stick together during tough times. Other researchers
suggest that couples postpone divorce plans until the economic climate and the worth of their
properties gets better. If you are thinking about getting a divorce, below are a few things you
need to know.
Who can are eligible for divorce in the United Kingdom?
If you believe that your relationship is broken down beyond repair, you can file for a divorce if
you have been married for at least a year and your marriage is acknowledged as valid by UK
law. You and your partner must be residing in England or Wales when you request for divorce or
one of you should have lived in the country 1 year prior to application.
Can I apply for a divorce without the help of a lawyer?
It depends on various factors. If your partner does not object to the divorce, and both of you are
in agreement as to the grounds of the divorce, child custody and property distribution, you can
get divorced without legal assistance. If not, you might benefit from using legal services.
What are the grounds to apply for divorce in the United Kingdom?
To apply for divorce, you can give the following grounds: adultery, desertion, and unreasonable
behavior, which includes physical and verbal abuse, drunkenness or illegal drug use, and refusal
to provide funds for housekeeping. You can also get a divorce if you have lived away from each
Family Law

other for two years or more and are in agreement with the plan to divorce. If you have lived away
from each other for more than five years, it is possible to get a divorce even if your partner does
not consent to it. Click here to find solicitors London.
How to select a divorce attorney
You have to use a lawyer who is trained and has relevant experience in
family law and is affiliated with a local or national association of
family law practitioners. You will be working with the divorce lawyer
for quite a while and you may have to share personal details to them, so
you ought to go with somebody who you feel at ease with. Referrals from people you know can
be beneficial, but make sure to research about the attorney, by reading about them on the Internet
and requesting an initial meeting with them. Compare their fees and pick the one whose offer
you find most reasonable.

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