A Look At How To Astral Project

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Astral Travel Leaving Your Physical Body For The Astral Plane Out Of Body

Most people will have heard at some point in time in their lives the term How to Astral Travel. It is
possible they may have heard it there are a number of books, movies and people who have
studied or follow a new age path.

What you might not know is that you can astral project anyone can, in fact. You've already done
so, though you might not remember it.

Just what is Astral Projection though? Essentially, Astral Projection how to is what happens when
your non-physical, or astral body separates from your physical body. This happens most
commonly while you sleep. Your subconscious mind is the seat of the astral body and when your
conscious mind and your physical body rest, it heads out on its own.

Many children actually astral project without being aware of what they are doing. It happens
usually when the body is relaxed or even when they are asleep. Time and distance do not mean
anything when talking about out of body. The astral body can travel without these considerations.

Let's explain the astral body. This is an invisible and non-physical version of your physical body
which is the product of your will and your subconscious desires. Your astral body always comes
home to your physical one because of an unbreakable bond between them which is called the
silver cord.

The silver cord connects your astral and physical bodies for your entire life. As long as you're
living, your astral body will always find its way back.

When we astral project, where do our astral bodies go? They go to their natural element, the astral
plane: an ethereal counterpart to the physical world. Experts are not all in agreement about exactly
how the astral plane works, but they generally agree that there are many different levels which
make up the astral plane and that it is tuned to a slightly different rate of our vibration than our
own. We can't perceive it with our physical senses, but our astral bodies can travel through this
plane of reality with ease.

Are there any dangers associated with Out of Body? Yes and no you should be careful in your
astral travels just as you would when going somewhere with your physical body. Generally
speaking though, your astral body can sense danger and return to your physical body without
suffering any harm. You should however decide where you want to go before projecting to keep

the experience as safe as possible.

out of body can be dangerous if you practice it with an unsound mind. Anyone under the influence
of drugs and alcohol can wind up involved in an undesirable predicament at lower levels of the
astral plane.

This is why it is so important that you know exactly what you are doing and where you are
planning to go. The goal you are trying to achieve is not just astral projecting, but conscious out of
body where you are aware of what is going on.

Out of Body can actually be very easy to learn with some preparation. Many like to astral project
while at home alone, but you can also attend group sessions which are guided by professionals.
These sessions can help you learn to get the best results from your Out of Body and can be a
good way to get started. It may be helpful to practice on your own as well as with a professional's

You can find a lot of material online to help you improve your Out of Body abilities. Out of Body
hypnosis recordings are especially useful. These recordings help you to reach the meditative state
where Out of Body happens the most readily. Many people consider these to be more helpful than
a session with a professional since they can be played on repeat until you're relaxed and your
subconscious mind responds to the recorded messages.

Many advances have occurred in the area of sound technology that is classified as binaural beats.
The way this operates is to generate a different sound in each of your ears. This results in quickly
relaxing you into a complete meditative state which is needed for doing Out of Body successfully.

If you are unable to astral project at first, do not be concerned. It is something that requires
practice to be able to do. It is important to remember that this is not actually an acquired skill but
something that is already known to each person. They simply need to remember how to astral
project and then to practice in order to obtain a level of proficiency.

Are you still not sure about Out Of Body? Here's an example of Out Of Body we've all had.
Everyone has those dreams where they're flying, then begin to fall; and wake up. These aren't
dreams at all, but an experience of astral projecting. When you feel like you're in flight, this is your
astral body moving through the non-physical plane. The falling sensation is the feeling of your
astral body returning to earth and re-entering your physical body.

All of us can use out of body it only takes a little practice.

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