A Look At How To Project Out Of Body

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A Brief Overview of Out Of Body Experience

More often than not, the majority have heard the term as Out Of Body Experience. Perhaps they
heard it from a movie, book or an enlightened associate.

Even though you may have some vague concept of it, you probably didn't know that it's something
that you and everyone else in the world can do and have done before, even if you didn't know it.

We need to first look at the definition for Astral Projection how to. To state this in very simple
terms, Out Of Body's definition is a human being able to move out of their physical body. All
humans have this ability, in fact they actually do it when they are sleeping in the night. When
anyone is asleep the physical body and mind are resting and the subconscious part of the brain
assumes control. Most humans simply have no recollection of this.

When you're astral projecting, you can go anywhere and do anything. Maybe you dimly recall
being able to do anything you wanted in your dreams as a child. You were probably astral
projecting but as you grew up; you lost this talent to disregard the bounds of space and time. With
out of body, your body is at rest while your astral self takes off and explores.

Many people may not be aware of the fact that many enlightened individuals believe in the
existence of multiple bodies. The physical being only one of these bodies and the astral being
another. It may also be referred to as the ethereal body. The astral body is considered to be both
invisible and a duplicate of the physical body. It lacks substance, which has given rise to its name
as an ethereal body. The question then becomes if the body lacks substance how can it be
connected to the physical body. The answer is through a silver cord.

The silver cord is attached from the moment that the astral body and the physical body connect. It
only detaches at the moment of death when the astral and physical body permanently disconnect
from each other. It is this cord that recalls the astral body to the physical body.

Where is it that your astral body goes in its travels? Your astral body goes to the astral plane, a
non-physical duplicate of the physical universe. The astral plane is thought to operate at a different
frequency than our own, some saying that it is an alternate universe. Most agree that the astral
plane is not a single monolithic place, however.

It is perfectly alright at this stage if you are concerned about possible hazards in doing out of body.
The answer to this is both no and yes. We have already mentioned these facts that the astral body

always returns to the physical thanks to the silver cord, also that everyone can do out of body. You
just need to make sure you have your mind right to do this though. This means that your basic
thinking skills should be strong and sound, this way you will be able to know exactly what you want
and even more important where you want to go.

Astral projecting while in a chemically induced altered state can be dangerous; your astral body
will be affected and travel the lower levels of the astral plane, which are more hazardous.

This is the reason it is imperative that you understand how to do this and where you want to
project to. Your goal is to do Out of Body using your conscious mind. You need to have total
control over your astral body and what it is doing. Your total control comes from the thoughts you

When engaging in out of body it is important to prepare properly. Once you know how to prepare,
you will find that out of body is a quick and easy process. The method of preparation varies
depending on the professional consulted. However, there are a number of, at home, training
programs that provide individuals with the opportunity to learn how to control the experience and
ultimately obtain both more enjoyment and benefit from astral projecting.

The internet is a good place to find help with your Out Of Body training. Especially good are Out
Of Body hypnosis recordings. These recordings are designed to help you achieve the meditative
state needed to astral project. A lot of people prefer these recordings to one on one lessons since
they can be listened to repeatedly until their subliminal messages reach the subconscious and
your body reaches a state of total relaxation.

In the field of sound technology there have been many improvements in the area of binaural beats.
With this you listen to different sounds in each of your ears. This quickly gets you into the
meditative state that is crucial for you to reach to do out of body with the right results.

Be patient as you practice Out Of Body. Even though it's a natural ability, it will take some time to
get the hang of it. You might fail several times, but if you stick with it you will succeed and begin
enjoying your ability to astral project.

If you still don't believe in Out of Body, just remember the last time that you had a dream that you
were flying followed by a sensation of falling right before you awoke. The sensation of flying was
how it feels to travel with your astral body and the falling was your astral body coming back to you.

Out of Body can be learned and if you practice regularly, you'll master this ability sooner than you
may think.

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