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Friends? Is that what she called it?
Richard heard Anna’s explanation of their relationship with a mixture of anger and
What the hell was she doing here? Why hadn’t someone warned him?
He had heard that Anna was working for Northeastern HealthCare, he just had never
dreamed she would be on board for the conglomerate’s hostile takeover attempts at
Walnut River General.
How could she sit across the boardroom table, all cool and gorgeous like some kind
of damn Viking princess, acting as if her very presence wasn’t a betrayal of
everything her family had done for this hospital and this town?
Yeah, he had been crazy about Anna once. But it had been a long, long time ago.
Dear Reader,
I love reunion stories.
I find something so sweetly magical about two hearts coming together again after
traveling long and sometimes rocky roads apart. I love reading true-life stories about
childhood sweet hearts who go their separate ways in life only to find each other
again after forty or fifty years and rekindle that spark.
I’m delighted Richard Green and Anna Wilder didn’t have quite that long to wait! I
loved coming to know these two characterstheir dreams and hopes, their
insecurities and mistakes, the secrets that helped shape them.
Their shared past and the conflicts in their present provided compelling reasons for
them to keep their distance but the fledgling feelings that took root when they were
younger proved stronger than all the elements driving them apart. It took them eight
years but they finally found their happy ending!
All my best,
Special thanks and acknowledgment to RaeAnne Thayne for her contribution to the
WILDER FAMILY miniseries.
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