A New Technology that Facilitates Hearing Loss Prevention

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Ear Plugs to Facilitate Easy Communication in High Noise Environments
Working in high noise environment can have a severely damaging effect on your ears. Work place noise
is major health hazard. Continued exposure to high noise levels can result in permanent hearing
damage, which is why there are strict regulations for the mandatory wearing of hearing protection. It is
important that organizations take into account employees hearing hazards. Workforce in areas where
the sound level are known to be high, like factories, industrial go downs, airport tarmacs etc must be
provided with high-end hearing protection devices that would help in noise reduction and facilitate
proper communication.
Noisy occupations, such as working in factories or on road works, used to be the most common cause of
hearing problems. Experts suggest that apart from hearing loss, migraine, ringing in the ear, muscle
tension, stressed tissues, heightened aggression, high blood pressure, headaches, irritation,
restlessness, and physiological orders are few other medical problems that occur from exposure to high
noise. While providing appropriate hearing protection devices may seem like the best solution in a
comprehensive hearing conservation program, the fact is that that there are very few personnel wearing
these HPDs due to improper selection. Hence a great many number of workers are exposed to potential
hearing loss.
Hearing protection devices like ear plugs are a necessity that organizations should consider investing in.
As it has to be continuously worn for a number of hours, the earplug that you decide to purchase should
be comfortable to wear. As all earplugs are required to carry a Noise Reduction Rating, or NNR rating,
you will have a fair idea about its effectiveness.
Service providers of HPD's have come up with effective equipments that are available in innovative
designs that facilitate effective communication subtracting the adverse effects of noise. Employees can
now make use of safety earmuffs and earplugs with great benefits that are reasonably priced. There are
cost effective earplugs available which also have the added benefit of making communication compact
and easy in high noise environments.
Many of these hearing protection devices have an easy to operate control unit that can be worn
discreetly around the neck, or in a pocket resembling an MP3 player. These ear plugs can be used by
workers in traditional settings as well as new markets including the domestic, entertainment, hospitality
and security industries. Organizations must invest in hearing devices that come with a high-noise
communication technology solution that enhances the speech in real-time, where users can not only
hear clearly but also aid in concentration and focus.
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