A Night In The Forest

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  1. A night in the forest In was a cold dark night when Damian decided to go for a walk through the mountains. He was camping with his friends, but when everyone fell asleep he got bored. So he took his jacket and went away without noticing the strange smell of horror in the air. He walked and walked four hours, and it was about midnight when he suddenly felt lost. He looked around, confused, and he realised that he did not have any idea of where he was. Damian sat in a stone and tried to relax. The scene was terrifying. Thousands of hundreds of trees rounded him, and their shapes were like scary creatures lurking in the forest, ready to attack him. Damian heard strange noises of crunching leaves, just as if someone or something was crawling next to him. He was so scared that he could not even move. Then he was sure that someone was behind him, so he turned round. He saw a black shadow coming towards him… and he fainted from terror. Next morning, Damian’s friends found him sleeping, pale and trembling from cold and fear. He did not remember what had happened to him, but he was sure that he would never go camping again. Lola Fernandez