A Reading Garden for your Backyard

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A Reading Garden for your Backyard
A Reading garden is a great addition to any home. They are popular for good reason.
I've gathered some good advice and tips for building your own reading garden in your own
personal landscape for your own enjoyment (and maybe some friends as well). A clearing is one
necessity. Seating is another; I suggest some nice comfy chairs or hammocks. Some shading
will help to keep the heat of you in the summer, but make sure you have ample lighting to avoid
straining your eyes. Some beautiful vegetation of any sort to enhance your mood, whether you
prefer cacti, shrubs, or flowers, it is a personal choice. Some nice hues and aromas will also
make the experience more enjoyable.
You should begin by clearing the area you plan to use. Some pretty and clean grass is a good
place to begin. You should consider several things before choosing the types of plants you
choose to surround yourself with. You may want plants that will require less maintaining so that
you can spend your time with your favorite books, magazines or kindle. Some plants will require
more of your time leaving you with less time to read. Some tall shrubs and hedges could provide
some isolation and lessen the number of potential distractions. Some vines on lattice could also
do the trick. Or a combination of any of those. Stones are a nice touch as well. Another thing to
consider is a water feature. Nothing stimulates thought like water does. If you had a fountain or
some flowing water it could provide white noise to drown out the sounds of the town or
A good shade tree is a bonus but if you don't have one or don't have room to plant one try a
lattice or trellis with vines and ivy.
At last you will get to read your book in peace and tranquility in your Reading Garden
surrounded by beauty!
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