A Superior Quality Surge Protection Device for Our Solar Plants

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Leading The Nation Towards Electrical Safety
A Superior Quality Surge Protection Device for Our Solar Plants
Solar is the fastest growing power generation technology in the world.
Photovoltaic arrays are usually installed on rooftops or on a Greenfield. These
systems are exposed to all weather conditions and have the advantage to tolerate
every weather condition. Since the solar installations are designed to provide full
exposure to sunlight, they are highly permeable to the effects of lightning.
Therefore carefully designed, specified and installed Surge Protection Devices
reduces the potential impact of lightning events when used in lightning protection
Leading The Nation Towards Electrical Safety
The SPD is placed in parallel with the energized conductors and ground. When the
overvoltage condition occurs, it changes its state from a high- impedance device
to a low impedance device. The selected SPD should be designed and approved
for application on DC PV voltages. Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) modules are
commonly used SPD technology on large scale PV systems operating at maximum
voltage of 1000Vdc. SPD operating characteristics include several parameters like
maximum continuous operating voltage, AC or DC application, nominal discharge
current, voltage-protection level and temporary overvoltage.
Leading The Nation Towards Electrical Safety
Importance of Solar Surge Protection Devices
Solar arrays are expensive to install. They are guaranteed to give long service life
measured in decades, therefore it is necessary to include ambient protection
against atmosphere and induced over voltage. Solar surge Protection device are
important to protect electrical equipments like AC/DC inverter, monitoring
devices, PV modules and other sensitive equipments. They are equipped with PV
systems to provide a discharge path to earth to save those systems. This protects
the PV sys tems from being exposed to high voltage transients caused by the
direct or indirect effects of lightning or power system discrepancies. It is very
effective in safeguarding the solar equipments from destructive voltage peaks
because this transient voltage may cause a calamitous system failure. It can be
used for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential purpose.
SPDs prevents from transients directly or indirectly caused by lightning or
utility switching functions.
For a critical application which needs the absolute best suppressed voltage,
our MOV modules combine the tight clamping technology with integrated
suppression, providing the strongest installed protection capabilities
It is easy to install and provide accessibility for best maintenance.
It includes transparent cover for best maintenance.