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About David Zim beck
David Zimbeck, the creator of BitHalo and BlackHalo, is a man who’s worn many hats. David started
out competing in chess tournaments and in one tournament took down 10 grandmasters in a speed
match. He also has his own film company and was one of the pirates in the movie Pirates of the
Caribbean 2. As a real estate agent, David learned the ins-and-outs of escrow services, which would
later help him develop his key Bitcoin and Blackcoin innovations.
BitHalo and BlackHalo are multipurpose wallets for Bitcoin and Blackcoin respectively that allow
people to do now many of the things that have been long promised by Bitcoin 2.0: smart contracts,
escrow, bartering, etc. David says that BitHalo and BlackHalo, which are already complete and ready
to use, will revolutionize the crypto-currency world, fulfilling the promise of larger, more famous
projects like Etherium, but without the blockchain bloat.
"Blackcoin is more secure than other coins, like Peercoin, in my opinion. It’s also the first 100% POS
coin, which I believe is a good test of the security of the POS system. Pavel, the developer of
Blackcoin, fixed some of the security flaws inherent to Peercoin with a kind of POS 2.0, something
that’s been overlooked up to now. Because of its innovations, Blackcoin has been used as the basis
for other altcoins twice as much as Litecoin, and this, in my opinion, makes it the most popular
altcoin" David Zimbeck.
BitHalo as explained by David Zimbeck is that Halo is software that allows individuals to create
unbreakable contracts and buy goods on fully decentralized markets. Our software can implement
every single digital currency thus making it independent from one coin and easy to adapt to a
changing and prosperous environment. Halo has recently revealed its newest feature: decentralized
markets. You can compare these markets to eBay, but showing lots of improvements: Our markets
don’t need a server as they are fully decentralized, users don’t have to store their personal
information on a website, but keep it on their own computer (no data theft), there won’t be any
chargeback and the currencies you can use on the markets are Bitcoin, BlackCoin and BitBay.
BlackCoin a NEW form OF CURRENCY by David Zimbeck
BlackCoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency with a distributed, decentralized public ledger; that
unlike ones held at traditional banks, are viewable and easily audited by the people.
The ability to manage transactions and issue additional BlackCoins is all handled by the network of
users utilizing BlackCoin. Because the BlackCoin network is run by the people, holders of BlackCoin
receive a 1% yearly interest through a process called staking.