Acer PSA18R-120P AC Adapter- the Most Efficient Laptop Charger

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Acer PSA18R-120P AC Adapter- the Most Efficient Laptop Charger
Asus is a brand to be respected and particularly so when it comes to design and
manufacture of notebook laptops. I have it on high authority to let you know that
the Acer PSA18R-120P is really powerful notebook. This laptop is impossibly
skinny and light in weight.
In terms of performance, it is unparalleled despite its unassuming look. The best
part of it all is that it works long hours and still retains power. I simply love this
piece. I have a tendency of forgetting my Acer PSA18R-120P charger because I
do not use it too much. So what I did is bought another charger that stays in the
office. I can leave the other adapter at home and I will not be troubled at all.
Excellent battery and adapter
As aforementioned the battery of this notebook laptop is pretty good at retaining
power. The Acer adapter is also effective in supplying the power. I do not have to
spend long hours charging my laptop. The adapter supplies a plentiful amount of
power- just enough- to juice up the laptop very fast.
Another thing about the Acer PSA18R-120P adapter is that it is really portable. It
is one of the lightest and least bulky laptop adapters in the market today. It would
not m ake sense to have a very light laptop and have an adapter that weighs a ton.
Simply wrap the cords properly and you can easily tuc k it away in a small bag and
you will be on your war.
Safest adapter

This device is a really safe to use. It is protected against overheating. My previous
laptop's adapter used to heat up excessively- I could easily iron my shirts with it.
However, the Acer PSA18R-120P power supply adapter provides enough power
without overheating.
The cords are also protected against short-circuiting. It is very easy for a
microwave oven to short circuit but not this particular device. You are thus
protected against electrical fires and such misfortunes. The cables are strong and
flexible. The adapter itself is shock resistant. It will not get damaged when it falls
but this is not permission to drop it all the time.
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