Achieving Positive Cash Flow from Your Real Estate Investments

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Achieving Positive Cash Flow from
Your Real Estate Investments

Getting more and more revenue by your real estate
investment is positive cash flow .You can only generate
positive cash flow, when your real estate investment
generates revenue more than your expenses for that real
estate property.

Getting positive cash flow through real estate
investment opportunities is actually possible today.
One of the ways to do this is to use the right investment
method that suits your assets, financial or otherwise.

So if you want to get a positive cash flow from investment properties, what you need to do is
consider the following unconventional methods and select one that you think will serve you

The conventional method of buying and holding real estate may not be very effective today,
as far as getting income is concerned. If so, one thing you can do is to wholesale houses. This
method is almost the opposite of the buy and hold method, wherein the property is held by
the owner for years until it appreciates. When a property is up for wholesaling, it will be sold
fast. The key to this real estate investing method is to find motivated sellers who are more
concerned with selling their property fast than getting huge money from it.

The key to this real estate investing business is being able to buy as low as possible. You
don't have to worry about finding cheap properties to rehab because you can purchase homes
through the contracts assigned by wholesalers. Wholesalers will provide you with real estate
investment opportunities. They will search properties for you so you can concentrate on
improving the property and finding a buyer for it .Generating positive cash flow through
rental properties can be a delicate balancing act. In order to attract tenants, investors must
lease their rentals at or below prices offered on similar properties within the area. Doing so
increases the chance of leasing the property on a long-term basis.

Investors are allowed to charge interest on real estate notes. The amount of interest is
regulated by state usury laws and is generally less than mortgage lenders charge. The
interest payments are pure profit and keep cash flow in the black.

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