Actual Citrix 1Y0-220 Practice Material

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Exam : 1Y0-220
C i t r i x Metaframe XP 1.0 for
Version : DEMO
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1 .What are restrictions of ICA session shadowing? (Choose two.)
A. Only one administrator can shadow a single user.
B. MetaFrame XP users cannot be shadowed from sessions on another MetaFrame XP server.
C. An administrator cannot shadow another user if that user is connected via an RDP client.
D. The window size and color depth of the ICA connection being shadowed must be less than or equal to
that of the ICA connection requesting permission to shadow.
Answer: BD
2 .What license information is true concerning MetaFrame XP? (Choose two.)
A. Assigned licenses are not used before pooled licenses.
B. A MetaFrame XP license does not have to be activated in order to use Load Manager.
C. Unactivated evaluation licenses cannot be assigned.
D. Assigned licenses are used before pooled licenses.
Answer: CD
3.Which of the following is the Citrix Management Console's default Refresh settings?
A. 30 seconds.
B. By default, Automatic refresh settings are not enabled.
C. 60 seconds.
D. 5 minutes.
Answer: B
4.Under Load Evaluator, the me mor y usag rule _____
A. Controls memory per processor on a server.
B. Allows you to change the pool-paged bytes.
C. Sets a low and high threshold for the memory usage percentage.
D. Defines the amount of memory that can be used by load balanced applications.
Answer: C
5.Which of the following is NOT an ICA Web client?
A. Java
B. Active X Control.
C. Netscape Plug-in.
D. Macintosh Plug-in.
Answer: D
6.On what operating systems can Citrix Management Console be installed? (Choose two.)
A. WinFrame 1.8
B. Windows ME
C. Windows NT 3.51
D. Windows NT 4.0 Workstation
Answer: BD
7.Choose the correct statement from the options below:
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A. MetaFrame XP should be installed after you have installed your applications.
B. Disable logons to a MetaFrame XP server before installing an application.
C. There are two types of application compatibility scripts.
D. When installing applications on your MetaFrame XP server, make sure that at least one remote ICA
connections is active.
Answer: B
8.What are NFuse features? (Choose two.)
A. Connections via IPX.
B. Cookie encryption.
C. Client side scripting.
D. Secure Socket Layer.
Answer: BD
9.Client LPT mapping is available for all clients except?
D. WIN 16
Answer: B
10.What ICA Clients does Program Neighborhood support natively? (Choose two.)
C. DOS 32
D. WIN 16
E. WIN 32
Answer: AE
11.What should be considered to determine the hardware required to run your MetaFrame XP ser ver?
(Choose three.)
A. User departments.
B. User locations.
C. Number of users.
D. Types of applications.
E. User product knowledge.
Answer: BCD
12.Select the two accurate statements from the below list:
A. Last Known Good Configuration consists of the registry settings used by the server during the last
successful logon.
B. The Last Known Good Configuration is stored in the Citrix data store.
C. Last Known Good Configuration is a component of the Current Startup Configuration.
D. Your MetaFrame XP does not use the Last Known Good Configuration.
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Answer: AC
13.What logs would you NOT find in the Security log of your MetaFrame XP server?
A. Accounts Management.
B. Logon Events.
C. Policy Change.
D. Clients passwords.
Answer: D
14.What MetaFrame XP utility would you use to configure connections to run in disconnected state?
A. Citrix Management Console.
B. Citrix Server Administration.
C. Citrix Connection Configuration.
D. Citrix Published Application Manager.
Answer: C
15.What statements are accurate? (Choose two.)
A. You will save hard drive space of you disable the disk cache for bitmaps.
B. If a connection has limited bandwidth, enabling the disk cache for bitmaps will further decrease
C. Queue Mouse Movements and keystrokes are never selected by default in Program Neighborhood.
D. The ICA Client does not need to have a sound card configured in order to select Enable Sound.
Answer: AC
16.A user accessing an NFuse-enabled Web page sends credentials via _______
Answer: B
17.Choose the correct statement:
A. If you cancel the ICA Client Distribution Wizard during the installation of MetaFrame XP, no MetaFrame
XP services will be installed and will to reinstall MetaFrame XP.
B. If you cancel the ICA Client Distribution Wizard during the Installation of MetaFrame XP, the installation
of MetaFrame XP will continue without problems.
C. You cannot cancel the ICA client distribution Wizard during the installation of MetaFrame XP.
D. The ICA client Distribution Wizard does not install the installation of MetaFrame XP.
Answer: B
18.In Load Manager, how many minutes does each Scheduling rule square represent?
A. 15
B. 30
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C. 45
D. 60
E. 90
Answer: D
19.When a print driver is mapped, where is the mapping placed?
A. Data store.
B. Server registry.
C. The client device.
D. %systemroot%Winnt\system32\drivers.
Answer: A
20.Which if the following are NOT valid ICA Port numbers? (Choose two.)
A. 65535
B. 655536
C. 650
D. 6500
E. 650000
Answer: BE
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