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Acupuncture Sydney Has A New Way
to Solve Insomnia

Acupuncture Sydney states that the consumption of caffeine
plays a role in insomnia. The trouble is that caffeine will work
in the body to temporarily energize and pump you up, but it
will ultimately cost your body. Many times when visitors
come into the clinic, they say they have plenty of energy but
the truth is that their pulse is weak. A weak pulse is an indication of a rundown
state even though the client says that they feel fine.
According to Acupuncture Sydney the main cause of insomnia is found in the
liver. It regulates more than intake and it is referred to as the body's gate keeper.
The mind allows various substances into the body by making choices. The brain
ultimately chooses what we eat and drink. The liver is sitting in the body at the
mercy of the decisions made by the brain. Many times the foods our brains decide
to consume are poison to the liver and stress it out; and that is what really wakes
us up at night.
Each organ has its own time frame of optimal performance. The gall bladder
works best between 11 pm and 1 am. Then the liver takes over from 1 to 3 am.
Most people who say they "wake up" at night almost always do so during the
liver's time frame. Insomnia does not mean that you wake up during the night,
but more that you cannot go to sleep. Whether or not you wake up and go back
to sleep has to do with the amount of blood in your body. If the body has a blood
deficiency, then there is a restlessness that takes over and causes anxiety.

If you are the one who wakes up all through the night your kidney may be weak. If
you have a lot of nightmares and problems sleeping it can usually be blamed on
indigestion. If you wake up in the early morning hours and your head is very busy
the liver is most likely disturbing the mind. And if you wake up and then cannot go
back to sleep it is blamed on the gall bladder.
The best way to combat insomnia according to Acupuncture Eastern Suburbs is to
drink lots of water. This helps the body detox. Put green items around the house
as the color will help to sooth the liver. Go to sleep earlier and eat less spicy
foods. This will help to keep the blood cooled down. Write out tomorrow's
projects before going to sleep and deal with tomorrow when it comes.