Addiction Treatment Focusing on Specific Needs of Each Addict

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Addiction Treatment Focusing on Specific Needs of Each Addict
Addiction treatment comes in many forms, but at 12 Palms Recovery Center, clients are
thoroughly evaluated and assessed in order to implement a unique treatment plan that fits their
specific addiction and needs.
For many years, addiction treatment was confined to just a few basic forms of treatment that
often included locking an addict away rather than attempting any type of substance abuse
rehabilitation. Addiction was not recognized as a disease until late in the 20th century, and until
then, substance abuse rehabilitation at many treatment programs in Florida was treated more
as a social disorder.
Now, addiction treatment has expanded into a complex set of treatment modalities that serve
to help an addict physical y, mental y and emotional y. Many addiction treatment programs in
Florida and across the country have adopted treatment programs for their clients that aim to
arrest the devastating effects caused by addiction.
However, there is one Florida rehabilitation center that takes a different approach--12 Palms
Recovery Center. 12 Palms believes that each addict is unique, and that their specific addiction
requires a specific treatment plan. Each client at 12 Palms Recovery Center is given a thorough
assessment and evaluation to determine their individual addiction treatment plan, including
length of stay in treatment, types of therapy options, dual diagnosis treatment if emotional and
mental disorders are co-occurring and introduction of medications if necessary.

Each counselor and therapist at 12 Palms Recovery Center is also a recovering addict
themselves, and each one of them has gone through substance abuse rehabilitation in their
own lives. They are very aware that each addict presents their own unique issues and behaviors,
and that no one cookie-cutter type of addiction treatment plan works the same for al addicts.
The staff at 12 Palms Recovery Center wil work with each client to prepare a specific addiction
treatment plan according to their specific needs. While one client may have been an opiate
addict with co-occurring emotional issues, another may be an alcoholic, and each client requires
a unique plan that wil give them the best chance at a successful long-term recovery.

With a program that is geared to help each client with a customized addiction treatment plan,
12 Palms Recovery Center is a Florida rehabilitation center that can and wil give each client the
opportunity to live a meaningful and productive life without drugs or alcohol. By understanding
the individual needs of each patient and tailoring a specific program for their needs, 12 Palms
Recovery Center is absolutely the best choice for anyone wishing to stop the pain caused by the
devastating effects of the disease of addiction.
12 Palms Recovery Center believes that each client is unique, and that each client deserves a
unique addiction treatment plan that gives them the best opportunity to enjoy a long and
meaningful life in sobriety. For more information, please cal 1(866) 331-6779, or visit us at