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Adjuvantsin vaccines
CreativeD iagnostics has invented novel immunization MagicAdjuvants specifically designed for
rapid production of high titers antibodies in mice (MagicMouse Adjuvant) and human (Magic
Human Adjuvant). Our MagicMouse Adjuvant is by far the most efficientm ouse adjuvantfor all
typesof immunogens tested.
Adjuvants are substances that can accelerate, prolong, or enhance antigen-specific immune
responses. As crucial components of vaccines, adjuvants can improve vaccine efficacy and/or
modulate immune responses types of the co-inoculated antigen. Adjuvants employ several
mechanisms to modulate immune response of a specific antigen, such as formation of depot,
sustained release of antigen, up-regulation of cytokines and chemokines, increase antigen uptake
andpresentation to antigen presenting cells(APC ), as well as activation and maturation of APC.
As a leading supplier of products and services in antibody development, immunoassay and
diagnosis, Creative Diagnostics has over 10 years of experience in novel adjuvants development.
Our Magic Adjuvants are highly efficient, biocompatible, convenient and economical, which
havebecome the goldstandard references for any immunization experiments.