Adopting Wastewater Treatment System

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International Ltd
Water treatment specialis ts
About Us
WATERCARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, established in 2003, is an independent, specialist
process consultant and contractor assisting a range of different process industries improve
the efficiency of their water treatment systems.
Our business was established by a team of experienced, multi-disciplined water treatment
en gine ers, each with between 10 and 40 years’ experience within the industry.
We use our extensive expertise in Water Treatment Technology and in-house resources for
wastewater treatment plant design for vario us companies.
We are amongst top Waste Water Management Companies and having huge experience in
Water and Wastewater treat ment for various co mpanies.
Our environmental a nd health a nd safety ce rtifications include ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO
Our services
Our major ser vices includes the following:
Industrial wastewater treatment
Sewage treatment plant maintenance
Water purification consultants
Reverse osmosis consultants
Wastewater Management
And many more..