Advantage Farmers Connecting Agrarian India to Technology

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Advantage Farmers Connecting Agrarian India to Technology
With nearly 50% of geographical land used for agricultural activity, India's economic depends mainly on
agriculture for its Gross Domestic Product. During 2008-2009, agriculture contributed to 17.1 percent of
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of India. Around 55.7 percent of agricultural area depends on rain for
better yield. Apart from monsoon, farmers also play a vital role in enhancing India agriculture
productivity. Most of the farmers are still unaware of the resources such as finance, new technology, and
hybrid seeds that are available for them to improve the farm products productivity.
Some valuable resources available for Indian farmers to improve agri business productivity are listed
Financial support:
To assist the farmers financial y, Indian government offers a wide range of financial support and relief
benefits during natural calamities. Commercial banks, cooperative banks and regional rural banks offer
financial support to ensure smooth flow of agricultural sector. Apart from this financial support, Rural
Infrastructure Development Fund, Micro finance, insurance and other means of financial support are
offered to assist the farmers financial y.
Improving soil fertility through organic manures:
Usual y, artificial fertilizers can enhance the agriculture productivity for a short span of time but damages
the soils fertility within just a few years. Now, farmers are offered a wide range of bio-fertilizers to enhance
the soil fertility and to improve its yield. Using organic manures like vermin compost can provide better
yield within a short span of time through proper agricultural practices.
Delivering agriculture knowledge through mass-media and electronic media:
Agricultural organizations help farmers by providing frequent updates regarding the latest technologies
through mass-medias and electronic media. They also offer details about hybrid seeds and other
agricultural practices to improve the yield. SMS updates are also provided for farmers nowadays to assist
them during modern agricultural practices.
Conducting workshop, seminars and conferences:

Frequent workshop and seminars are also conducted to teach farmers regarding the latest agricultural
technologies, bio-fertilizers, agricultural practices and alternate ways to prevent insects from damaging
crops rather than the use of harmful pesticides.
Instant assistance:
Farmers can resolve their queries regarding agricultural practices by getting assistance through telephone
or online assistance.
Providing access to hybrid seeds:
Hybrid saplings and seeds that can resist drought and pests are developed and offered to farmers to
improve the productivity.
Agriculture portals:
Farmers can also make use of agriculture portals to find agriculture products and potential buyers.
Agriculture portal helps sel ers and buyers to interact and transact agricultural products according to their
About the Author :
Nowadays, India agriculture sector is enhancing its productivity through advance agricultural practices,
hybrid seeds and bio-fertilizers. The author is an expert in the agri business arena and has written many
articles regarding Agriculture trade and Agriculture business in the past.