Advisory Services to Renovate Your Business

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Advisory Services to Renovate Your Business

How would you define the term advisory services? In layman's terms, it refers to the direction, advice or
guidance that is offered by an individual or enterprise, after setting up a client association with the end
user or client. The main word to concentrate here is "client".

Let us explain the same with an example, i.e. an enterprise aiming to establish comprehensive service
legal department requirements to hire approximately ten lawyers. Each one is assigned for multiple
purposes for instance, product liability, affirmative action and many more. Most enterprises are not that
large in size to perform this task. As a result, they appoint a law firm under a retainer contract. Therefore,
they need not hire a fresh lawyer every time there is a legal agenda that needs to be addressed. Instead,
they are able to leverage the association that they have set up over a considerable amount of time with
the law firms and help them to manage the issues.

The same applies in case on solving business systems and other matters associated with technology.
There are enterprises that look into these issues one at a time. They read proposals, award projects,
conduct interviews and many more. It is essential to address the same from an overall business process
perspective. This would mean establishing an architectural strategy that handles the overall business
process and the enterprise-wide ROI.

Today leading companies specializing in Product R& D Services have come up with advisory services.
The solutions provided aim at maximizing the customer's profitability. Simultaneously, these services
provide the consumer with advanced optimization opportunities, are able to sort out critical challenges
and adapt product operations. The approach taken is of "business transformation" than mere a "business
process re-engineering" or "downsizing" approach.

The focus is not only to reduce the user's expenses, but rather to optimize the technology and business
for being able to reassign management bandwidth and talent to quality initiatives. For this the companies
co-ordinate with their respective R&D organizations to enhance the technologies, processes and the
overall product quality.

Service providers of advisory services with their project execution engineers focus on the following areas
for their advisory services:-

Distributed Agile Development

Location Portfolio Strategy
Product Delivery / Deployment
Product Architecture
Test Transformation
Captive Transformation

Companies specializing in advisory services col aborate directly with their clients' R&D organizations to
efficiently enhance the processes, technologies and the total product quality.

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