Affordable Bedding Sets for College Dorm Life

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Affordable Bedding Sets for College Dorm Life
It's that time - time to start thinking about how to decorate your new dorm room for college next
year! College dorm life requires some extensive planning especially since most freshmen
students have never lived on their own before, there is a lot of preparation involved. You may
think there isn't much to do because a dorm room is so small. On the contrary, it is important to
assure your new living space is outfitted with functionality as well as personality to keep
yourself motivated and comfortable. There are plenty of bedroom furniture sets out there
tailored specifically for dorm room living.
Sleep is an essential part of student life to keep yourself in top physical shape and you will most
likely want to get yourself a mattress topper for the twin size bed that will most likely be
provided for you. You can find affordable bedding sets online by clicking or in stores for any
size mattress, depending on your shopping style and preference. Your basic need for your bed is
going to be a fitted sheet, standard flat sheet, and standard size pillow cases (for however many
pillows you find are necessary). This is where you can throw in some of your own personal flair
to give your bed a sense of comfort and style. It is a good idea to get at least three bedding sets
so you always have a clean set put away and one on the bed in case you have one set washing.
Remember to buy extra pillow cases of you are bringing more than one pillow with you because
generally you can only expect one pillow case per bedding set that you purchase.
Depending on how cold or warm you get as well as what type of climate you will be living in
you must decide what type of quilt, comforter, or duvet to choose. Perhaps the most cost
effective and versatile choice it to go with a duvet cover set. You can buy multiple duvet covers
so you can change them out seasonally or based on your mood. Duvets are also much easier to
clean because you don't have to worry about whether they will fit in a standard size washer like a

Either way, your best bet to find exactly what you are looking for to fit your budget and style is
to shop around online. You will not necessarily find the best selection by going into an actual
store. You may find a savvy online retailer that has more variety and better deals.
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