Affordable Wedding Favors: Ideas To Help You Stay Within The Budget

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Affordable Wedding Favors: Ideas To Help You Stay Within The Budget
Affordable wedding favors are becoming increasingly popular nowadays,
especially since the economy has had tough times and we all had to deal with
the consequences. But your wedding plans do not have to get affected
because of that, because there are so many ideas for cheap wedding favors
that will not break the bank. Even with the tiniest amount of budget, you can
have unique and special bridal favors without looking too cheap.
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Here are some ideas to help you create something special for your wedding
day. To show that you are thankful for your guests who have arrived at your
wedding, these affordable wedding favors will show your thanks without
letting you spend too much. Have fun choosing from these ideas or recreating
them according to your desires.
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1. Wrist Bands
Wrist bands or more commonly known as friendship bands are bracelets with
so many designs to choose from. What makes them so affordable? You can
fashion your own design by buying inexpensive fabric and wires to create
your own bracelet. You can then place bead letters to show your name and
your husband's on the bracelet. This is a fun accessory you can easily make
and your guests will surely be amazed at how creative your affordable
wedding favors are.
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2. Hand Painted Jars
If you are into painting, you will surely enjoy making this craft. If you know

a little bit of pottery, you can try to create your own jars and vases. But to
save more money, you can simply go to the nearest flea market and buy the
cheapest but most adorable jars you can find. Decorate them with ribbons and
hand paint them with your wedding info to let your guests know that you are
thankful for their presence.
3. Embroidered Handkerchiefs
Do you know a thing or two about sewing or embroidery? If you do, you can
try this creative and affordable wedding favors for your guests.
Handkerchiefs are cheap and can be bought in bulk, so you can definitely
save a lot of money from that.
Embroider you both you and your partner's initials or your first names on one
corner of the handkerchief. You can add the date of your wedding day to
make it more personalized.
4. CDs
Do you think certain songs represent the love that you and your partner
share? Why not make a CD out of your favorites? Create a playlist and show
your guests how deeply in love you are by sharing these songs. Plus, this
affordable wedding favors is really cheap since you can do it all on your
home at your own computer. Be sure to personalize the cover by adding you
and your partner's photo and wedding details.