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Alcohol Treatment: Avoiding Relapse with Constant Vigilance

Alcohol treatment programs for years have included relapse prevention as part of their
comprehensive suite of treatment options, however, relapse still occurs among a high percentage
of alcoholics.

The disease of alcoholism has often been described as cunning, baffling and powerful, and for
very good reason.

For anyone who is a recovering alcoholic, they know full well just how cunning the disease can
be. At any given moment, they can find themselves in a situation that is perilous, and the very
nature of the disease calls for them to pick up a drink and forget about their sobriety altogether.

Alcohol treatment programs and addiction treatment centers for years have included relapse
prevention as an integral part of their recovery program, but recent statistics still show that up to
90 percent of alcoholics experience a relapse at least once within four years of treatment. The
best drinking rehab in the world will stil experience a high relapse rate. That's the nature of

However, anyone seeking a fulfilling life in recovery from a life torn apart by alcohol can greatly
decrease their chances of relapse by practicing one simple step--constant vigilance.

The meaning of constant vigilance is relatively simple--be ever aware of everything going on
around you. Alcohol treatment programs will teach clients to avoid people, places and situations
that can lead to a relapse, but having a mindset of a complete awareness of what could trigger a
relapse in any given situation will go a long way in preventing a slip.

For newly recovering alcoholics who have attended a drinking rehab, this is especially important
within the first year after treatment. If at all possible, resist the urge to move, travel, assume a
new job, or make any drastic life changes. These life situations can cause undue stress, and
within the first years, alcoholics should be placing top priority on building a strong foundation in

A drinking rehab will also tell its clients to build a solid support network around them. For any
alcohol treatment program to be effective, this is a must for anyone new in recovery. Oftentimes,
they may find themselves in a dark place in their mind--having a support network to help them
deal with these moments can make the difference between a slip and maintaining their sobriety.

Addiction treatment centers across the world work hard to improve their relapse rates by
implementing new treatment modalities that have been created in recent years. But for any
alcohol treatment program to be truly effective, practicing constant vigilance and being aware of
all the triggers to avoid will go a long way in preventing relapse and achieving long-term sobriety.

For any alcoholic, relapse can be devastating, and oftentimes can lead to disastrous results. 12
Palms Recovery Center is an alcohol treatment center that shows its clients how to practice
constant vigilance to avoid instances of relapse. For more information on their alcohol treatment
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