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Alex Collier - Letters From Andromeda - November 1995
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Dear Friends,

There is but one thing of which I am positively sure of. That life exists. It has been a common trait of the
mind to think that death is the only thing in which we can be surely certain. But honestly, death as a
process is really the one thing we know the least about. However, we do know that there is life. We live
it, pretend it, covet it and even die for it.

And this life is all about us. And our intent to live. And if we do in fact live, then our life must have some
origin. If everything has a purpose, then there is some reason why we live. Do you know your reason to

The more we study life and the cycles hidden in nature, the more facts are found that sustain the belief
that nothing is without purpose. You may chose to be a Christian, a Hebrew, or an Atheist. Never the
less, regardless of which polarity of thought or ideas you stand in or are creating from, you cannot
remove the fact that life exists. And all life is intent.

The Andromedans have said that to their knowledge there is only one impossibility. Only one thing is
impossible. That the beginning of life started out of an empty black void in which nothing existed, or in
which there was no preceding cause or creative power. All other things are possible. This is not.

My friends, if we could see into the long endless past, and could trace back every preceding condition
until at length we came to total emptiness, total blackness, total nothing, I'm told that this would be in
fact attempting the impossible. Because the first simple rule of existence is this; all creation is and must
be an endless chain of previous causes to account for a single life on earth or anywhere else.

This endless chain of intent and preceding causes never had a beginning, never began as the first
moment or originated out of emptiness. Mankind is part of an endless process.

Mankind is exactly the central link in a chain of intents. Which means that there are as many links and
causes in the past as there are to be in the future. And I feel if we could count those that precede
mankind we would find that same number of links and events and moments of intent ahead of us.

Always be at one.
Alex Collier - Letters From Andromeda - November 1995 - Part 2
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Mirror, Mirror

How many times have you woken up and just known you were going to have a miserable day, and did?
Or gone somewhere, knowing you'd have a terrible time and low and behold, you did? Whether or nor
you're aware of it, you decided beforehand what type of experience you would have and, guess what,
you got what you asked for!

Well, I've got news for you. You personally had a hand in creating those experiences, and yes my friends,
we can and do create our reality. If, in the morning we wake up to cloudy skies and crowded freeways,
but still decide that we are going to have a great day, the likelihood of manifesting one is strong. Be
aware that we are making choices constantly. Not to decide is a choice and we must take ownership of
our decisions and be responsible for them.

If you don't like the direction your is life moving toward then you might want to look inward at the
choices you are making and possibly change your outlook, thereby changing your choices. Who we are
now, and what we really want out of life today, is always the result of our lives' programming - the
influences - that have come from our past.

Self-Talk is a method we can use to consciously create strong new self-directed programs in our own
subconscious minds. Earlier negative mental programs can be overridden and replaced with new
programs that create better attitudes, better actions and better results. It works the same way the brain
was programmed in the first place - but now we are in charge of the "input". Who we think we are and
what we think we want are always the result of the programming we received from the world around us

or from ourselves.

Choose to make better choices. Change is good - sometimes scary, very scary - but without change we
cannot learn our lessons, nor assist others in learning theirs. If you are truly interested in having more
control of the direction your life is going by making better choices I highly recommend reading the book
Choices by Shad Helmstetter. It's an awe-inspiring book and on my personal "Top 10 " list!

Realize that those you interact with will mirror your behavior without being aware of it. If you've
decided you're going to have a dismal day know that there are many people out there who are more
than willing to oblige you to help you create your reality (no matter how hellish you desire it). Talk
gruffly, demanding or rudely to others and more often than not you'll get it back ten fold. What you
throw out you will get back in return, so if you can't take it don't dish it out!

I notice that people (myself included, with emphasis) do not listen enough to each other. When
someone begins talking to another and feels they have something vitally important to share and all that
happens is they are ignored, or worse, another subject is brought up, it can be a very painful experience.
It can make one feel small and insignificant, and if it occurs on a regular basis, lead to feelings of low

Oftentimes people just want to know they have been heard and that another understands how they
feel; that someone gives a damn. I say we all need to make the choice and really listen to one another.

Active listening ("AL" for short) can assist in opening lines of communication and breaking down barriers
between individuals. By utilizing active listening we can avert many conflicts between individuals. Active
listening entails feeling and communicating a genuine acceptance of one another in order to foster
relationships in which we can grow, learn to problem solve, become more productive, creative, and yes,
even balance our psychological health. A set of basic attitudes are required to be effective at "AL".

We must want to hear what an individual has to say by being willing to take the time to listen. We must
sincerely want to be helpful and be able to accept another's feelings, whatever they may be or how ever
different they may be from our own feelings, or what we think they "should" feel. We must trust one
another with each others ability to problem solve.

Don't assume you know what someone else needs. Our society as a whole, possibly the entire Earth (my
own personal opinion so if you don't agree tough) is so anal retentive that we really don't communicate
when we speak. Oh, sure we talk, but not only don't we listen, we don't convey what we really mean,
want, or usually feel.

When utilizing "AL" we must put aside using our own thoughts and feelings (become selfless, not selfish)
in order to attend exclusively to whomever is speaking. It will force accurate receiving of the intended
message (which may be totally different from what is being said.) To understand how another person
thinks or feels from his point of view is to place ourselves momentarily in his shoes. In doing so we will
(guaranteed) run the risk of having our own opinions and attitudes changed.

We must learn to be flexible... Change is good!
Alex Collier - Letters From Andromeda - January 1996
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Publishers Thoughts

Well it has finally arrived! A new year that promises to deliver changes that will touch and effect our
very existence. Oh yeah...I almost forgot! It is our pleasure to present to you volume II - number 1, the
second ever issue of Letters From Andromeda. While it was our intent to have mailed the newsletter out
by the end of January, both the Collier's and our ourselves found our respective lives caught up in many
exciting tasks.

My wife and co-publisher Debbi, has the very hard task of putting together this newsletter. She recently
purchased a new computer with all kinds of new toys and functions, that she has had to learn how to
use. I can say with utmost assurance that future issues will take on new features and looks.

Our intent for this issue was to deliver more from Alex's Andromedan friends, Vasais and Moranay. Over
the years Alex has received a lot of information that he now feels needs to be shared. This is the basic
intent of the life of this newsletter, to share with those of you who have a desire to learn more about
ourselves, our ancestry, and our friends and foes from the stars.

January was an exciting month for Alex, who was invited to Dallas, Texas where Alex presented a two
day intensive workshop, that resulted in a new five hour plus, video tape that mixes old and new
information together in what turned out to be a very exciting event.

Alex recently was contacted by Valdamar Valerian of The Leading Edge Research Group and was
informed that Val had received a copy of the Dallas video tape, and that he had transcribed the entire
five hours of tape. Val's purpose for the call was to ask for permission to publish around 39 pages of text
in an up and coming Leading Edge Research Journal.

Latter in the month, Alex did a two hour lecture for a organization called Global Sciences. Carla informed
us that in her opinion, this lecture was Alex's absolute best. And guess what, we have video! What
makes this tape so exciting is that Alex's latest New Moon & Mars slide presentation is included. This
video is a must for those who are interested in what Alex is currently sharing when he makes a lecture

Another exciting development we wish to share with all of you, is that Alex was invited to contribute
articles to the very popular and internationally circulated Connecting Link Magazine. We feel very
honored that Susan Konikov, Connecting Link publisher, caught Alex's Andromedan lecture during
November's Las Vegas - Wholelife Expo both fresh and informative. Look for Alex's first Connecting Link
contribution in March's issue #32. I don't want to give away the content of the article, but think about
Motherships. Alex's follow up article is going to be just as exciting, since it revolves around new Moon &
Mars information and photo's.

I want to take this time, to thank each of you who have sent in your subscription for this newsletter. It is
our intent to bring to each of you exciting information from our friends the Andromedan's. They have
shared this information with the utmost love and compassion for us, even when there is no obligation to
do so. On the other hand, we are giving to all of you our love in bring fourth this information so that we
can all learn together and then share with others and so forth and so on, in the hopes that we can all
make a difference as our world quickly heads towards a bold new change.

For now, we wish you all our love with the awareness that our shared intent within all of creation is
indeed the glue that keeps each and everyone of us focused together in creating this beautiful reality.

Love, The Robinson's


Alex Collier - Letters From Andromeda - January 1996 - Part 2
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A Perception of Intent: Dictated by 4000-year old Vasais to Alex Collier

Please know that the intent and desire to hold and create your world is extraordinary, and
incomprehensible at times.

We would like at this time to share our perception with you, regarding our ideas of your intent in
creating this reality. Please note that everywhere in our universe there is specialization. The creation of
physical life, as we perceive it, was the idea of experiencing a true physical impact of your thoughts,
desires and your belief systems.

And how they extend outward into your world. You've been conditioned to perceive the outer reality,
but truly it is only a reflection of the real inner reality.

Your physical world is only a projection, a holograph of your deeper inner intent and values. Through
your patterns of intent you have formed a grid of ideas made manifest. Your intent and belief systems
have come together to create and form all structure of matter.

Through your intent and values, and the medium of senses, you have duplicated a visible representation
of your inner desire. What you see is only a copy of you, not the real intent. Your are only perceiving this
reality as outside of you. A reality in which you control, are a victim, etc., etc., etc.

Your senses or perception is convincing you of the solidity, stability and permanence of your physical
matter. Because in the higher dimensional levels, where your intent is created, no such physicality as
your world exists.

The point of physical life, the lessons learned before the reincarnational cycle ends, is thought creates


Every thought, desire and belief you hold form a vortex of intention, as you continually create yourself.

Time, is a construct, a parameter of your existence, a reflection of inner events, not an ultimate reality.
In dealing with time some objects have virtually no permanence in time.

We have been conditioned to believe that our senses perceive outer reality, but truly they reflect in
inner reality. Our perception of the physical world is simply a projection in dimension.
Example of Real Perception

What are the most important values in your life? What brings the deepest satisfaction/joy? Alex said
love. The respect of children. The respect and esteem of my peers. These are important values in our

Vasais then said, Alex show me love? Give me a pound of self esteem? Toss over to me our dignity?
Deliver to me the children's respect?

I can't!

What truly matters most in life can never be expressed physically. Your five senses for all of their
exquisite interpretation of a physical world, are in fact meaningless when it comes to those values that
give life its deepest meaning.
Alex Collier - Letters From Andromeda - April 1996
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Letter from the Editor

There is just one consciousness. And every soul is part of it. Those who can access this eternal mind soul,
can be connected to all knowledge that is or that can be done.

The human race is history. The works of the human mind is the record of history. For the whole of
history is in one man. And it can be explained from the individual experience. A man is a whole
encyclopedia of facts. Mankind is connected to all things. Even as there is a relationship between the
hours of ones life and the centuries of time. Every soul dreams breath from the great repositories of
nature, even as the light of a star, which we use to see, is yielded from a star millions of miles away.

If we were to look at this one consciousness as an individual, then it could be said that we all are one
incarnation of his or her giant great soul. One more piece of time, experience, and history. Recorded as
it occurred, and even before. As each of us has a thought or an idea, that hasn't manifested physically, it
is already apart of history -just because of the thought. Because the human being is the carrier of his
soul and spirit, that soul never sleeps, records all thoughts, moments and incarnations, the spirit of the
soul tells the human if his or her thoughts are full of clear intent or misplaced. Because I've been told by
the Andromedans that the spirit is the carrier of the creational domain, the spirit holds the outlook for
perfection of harmony , peace, love, recognition, understanding, knowledge, wisdom, and truth in all
things. They all together form the spiritual dimensions, which exist within the Isness.

All souls who exist on the 3rd and 4th dimensional level experiences The Wandering. For some, this may
be difficult to grasp and to others, it will sound like a tale of fantasy, or a mystic journey and yet, there
will be a few who will understand this wisdom very clearly, and what it taking place as they reflect on
the purpose or reasons for life. It is here that O would like to address the true value of the Becoming
process. The Andromedans feel that this is an area that is tremendously misunderstood, more and more
every day. So, I would like to share this information to help set the record straight, about the myths and
the realities of becoming human.

As spoken of earlier, we are all spirit. Spirit is an energy force that is separate and at the same time part
of the one complete source of light and love. We are all free to experience any and all realities that we
choose, or feel, that we can learn from. The Isness doesn't judge right or wrong, simply because in a
very real sense all is just experience. And I understand that reality is years from mass voluntary

That's O.K.!

Earth, like all other is evolving. There are many millions of incarnated souls who look to the sky every
night, asking for release from their own selfimposed prisons. Sharing from the core of their physical
selves, their fears, doubts, loves, losses, etc., etc.

Because of thousands of yours and many lifetimes of religious indoctrinations of one or all earths
religions. Many human beings Earth have placed their salvation outside of themselves. Many of our
races here on Earth believe themselves to be separated from the Isness or God. This is absolutely

This falsehood has been taught to those who have been subjected to the censorship of thought. And it
starts with our earth religions. The Andromedans have said many times how unique our religions are to
this galaxy. They exist no where else. And they really mean it when they say no where else. There is
some good in our religions but because of competitiveness, and the pressure for finances and new
converts and the lack of true morality, the Andromendans see no future for our religions outside of the
Earth. In fact, they are the prime factor holding humanity back from its huge spiritual leaps. They see our
religions littered with judgments and misconception, of what earth is really all about.

This unfortunately is as much by design as it is by unconscious programming. Scientifically, earth is
progressing at an astonishing rate, but mankind is not in harmony with our self creation or our original

The problem lies in the nature in which mankind views itself. It also lies in the misguided teachings of
religions, that state destructiveness and man will be taken off the hook, "as God will make all things
new". Dear friends, we all share the burden and the responsibility to heal our home, the earth. So many
people are waiting for some dramatic divine affair to occur while our planet gets sicker and sicker. Our
planet is at a point where she may begin to feel that her life is threatened. Also look at the fabric of our
societies and civilization as a whole.

They are unravelling at the seams. There are so many reasons for this. Our systems of checks and
balances were designed to fail, to create a class system of haves and have nots. THIS again has been
deliberate. There is no such thing as chance. We have been betrayed. And the Andromendans and other
races are trying to share with us the reasons and the causes. WE are all going to go through tremendous

change; that's going to affect all aspect of our lives. Please remember that you're not going crazy. We've
been crazy!

We must remember or real=self. We must honestly look at all the incarnational investments we've made
in belief systems that weren't true and never will be. The truth can only help us and teach us, if we put
ourselves on its path. To be in truth of who we really are will take a lit of courage. We've been told that
the truth is the shadow of God. And in order to use it we must know who he is.

Well I would like to say here to all of you STOP LOOKING! The truth we need to hear is inside of us. We
all are a part of one single incarnation in the eternal life of the Isness.

All of our experiences, regardless of any earth moral judgments we may place on the, will serve us in the
times to come. Nothing is wasted, forgotten, discarded or given away. All experience is part of the
stages of the true human being and the true human being is literally the recorded physical history of this
particular universe, which in earth terms 21 billion years old.

The stages of the true human being are these:

-The Wandering; Where we come from, Why our purpose; Gathering our tools.
-Initiation; Preparing our own path. Each on different and purifying; Centering.
-Honoring; Understanding the source of our creation. Recognizing the sacred in one self.
-Stating intention; Realizing and acknowledging ones true purpose to create self.
-Surrender; Letting go of control, to allow vulnerability. To learn what is already known.
-Embrace our own darkness; Walking into the unknown parts of self. Being and becoming the void.
-Lighting the flame in the heart; connecting to higher self, and finding meaningful honest ritual.
-Transformation; Climbing the ladder of self responsibility. To hold a vision of being oneness. Being the
vision that alters all perception.
-Becoming Human; Empathy and compassion toward all. Being in truly responsible relationships.
-Walking the Path; Integrating all of life's experiences. Being a teacher by being.