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Algebra Calculator
Algebra Calculators are online tools to solve various types of equations / problems / inequalities
Here is the very basic Algebra calculator to find the value of unknown variable x in a linear
equation of Ax+B=C.
If any equation is in the form of Ax+B=C, with A,B,C being known to us and value of 'x', being
unknown to us, this calculator can be used to easily find the value of x.
More calculators related to algebra are mentioned at the bottom of this page. Go through them to
make calculations easy and fun.
Online algebra calculators for cube roots, square roots, exponents, any radicals or roots,
simplifying radical expressions, fractional exponents and the quadratic equation.

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Algebraic equations are simple to solve--or calculate for the variable (usually x). An equation
represents a mathematical phrase of operations acting on x--those operations generally being
addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
They can also involve squaring and cubing, for example. The phrase essentially tells you the
order of operations. You can think of calculating for x as reversing the process to undo the
operations to isolate x.
If you have a quadratic equation, in which there is an x^2 and an x, you will need to either use the
quadratic formula to calculate the value(s) of x or you would need to factor the equation.
For the purposes of this article, we will consider simple equations only, in which there is only one
Find a brand of graphing calculator that you feel comfortable with and that you find easy to use.
For instance, if you are used to a Casio scientific calculator, try the Casio graphing calculator for
algebraic problem solving.
Ask your teacher for a recommendation on a band that is easiest to use that will also have the
most functionality.
Take the time to go through the manual. Start with the "quick start" section to become familiar
with how to enter exponents and other algebraic functions. If you don't do this, you'll get a
different graphical output than the one expected.

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Learn how to properly group numbers for the graphing calculator. Some use brackets, while others
use parentheses. In algebra, you need to group numbers correctly to achieve the desired result.

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