Algebra Questions

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Algebra Questions
Algebra Questions
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Online Algebra Questions
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Know More About What is the Independent Variable in an Experiment
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From Framing of Formules to Expansions, Indices, Linear Equations to Factorization and
Quadratic Equations, solving Algebra problems gets easy with our expert tutors.
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Example :- A three digit number consists of 7, 8 and one more number. When these digits are
reversed and subtracted from the original number the answer yielded wil be consisting of the
same digits arranged yet in a different order. Solve the word problem and find the another
College Algebra Word Problem Solver
Col ege Algebra solvers help students to solve the word problems step by step. They teach
students how to understand the data given in the statement and solve for the value to be
found out.
The online Algebra tutors serve as free Algebra Solver who would help students in interpreting
the word problems. Let us go over a few important Math equivalents of English for numbers
and algebra word problems so as to make the interpretation of word problems easier.
--- Add---- sum, total of, added to, together, increased by
--- Subtract-difference between, minus, less than, fewer than
--- Multiplication-of times, by a factor
--- Division-per, out of, ratio of, percent
The above words are suggestive of the operations associated with them. Students can learn
more in depth about them on understanding algebra word problems and tke the help of online
Algebra Solvers.
Learn More Degree of Polynomial
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Definition of Dependent Variable
Definition of Dependent Variable
In this page we are going to discuss about concept cal ed dependent Variable. Below you can
see dependent Variable definition with example.
What is a dependent variable?
Dependent variable define as the variable whose value is based on the value of other variable
in its equation. That is the value of dependent variable is always said to be dependent on the
independent variable of math equation.
For example, consider the equation y = 4x + 3. In this equation the value of the variable `y'
value changes according to the changes in the value of `x'. Therefore the variable `y' is said to
be as dependent variable. Some of the examples that involve dependent variables are
discussed in detail as below with their solutions.
A dependent variable is what you measure in the experiment and what is affected during the
experiment. The dependent variable responds to the independent variable.
It is cal ed dependent because it "depends" on the independent variable. In a scientific
experiment, you cannot have a dependent variable without an independent variable.
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Example: You are interested in how stress affects heart rate in humans. Your independent
variable would be the stress and the dependent variable would be the heart rate. You can
directly manipulate stress levels in your human subjects and measure how those stress levels
change heart rate.
In this area of the circle the variable `A' is said to be as dependent variable and the variable `r'
is said to be as independent variable.
b) Area of the rectangle (A) = l x b
A = 6 x 4
A = 24
In this area of the rectangle the variable `A' is said to be as dependent variable and the
variables `l' and `b' are said to be as independent variables. The independent variables also
can be more than one in their count.
Find the value of y in the following equation, y = 2(4x2 + x) + 4 when the value of x is equal to
2. (Answer: 40)
Find the area of the square when its side length is 6cm. (Answer: 36 sq. cm.)
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