Algebra Word Problems

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Algebra Word Problems
Solving Math Word problems is not easy! A lot of students have difficulty with Math
problems but employing some basic techniques will help you. Math word problems are
nothing but numerical functions formated as word.
Make your math word problems easy now by working with our expert tutors. Word
problems are found in al topics in math like we have algebra word problems, geometry
word problems and so on.
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How to Solve Math Word Problems
Solving math word problems is made easy and simple with these steps.
As k until it gets clear

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Math Word Problems are al about the concepts so it is important that you are clear on
the 'process' of how to solve a Math problem.
It is important to ask questions and get clarity on the concepts. Once a new topic is
introduced you should write it down, review it and in case of any doubts bring it up with
your tutor. This process of continuously revising what you learn wil gear you up to solve
Read it carefully
It is important to read the word problem you intend to solve slowly and careful y in order
to understand what is it that you need to solve. At times you miss out on important
information when you give it a quick reading.
Break the problem into parts
Before you get around to solving a Math word problem it is important to break it into
parts. Clearly define what you need to do, what al information has been given in the
problem and what you already know. Once you have that written down it gets easier to
solve the problem.
Math Word Problems - Types
Math word problems are found in all branches of math:

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(1) Numbers word problems
(2) Algebra word problems
(3) Geometry word problems
(4) Calculus word problems
(5)Trigonometry word problems
(6) Probability and Statistics word problems
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Algebra Equations
Algebra equations are the equations of the form algebraic variables with some
numerical co-efficient. Algebra equation contains the terms like numbers, integers,
fractions, roots, exponents, ratios, graphing etc.
Pre algebra equation is the simple equation which can be solved easily without any
complex calculations. Linear equation is an algebraic equation in which each term is
either a constant or the product of a constant and with a single variable. It contains one
or more variables. It occurs with great regularity in applied mathematics.
Example on how to solve algebra equations :-
Solve Algebra equation 2x + 4 = 0
2x + 4 = 0
2x = - 4

X = -42 x = -2

Algebra Equation Solver
Algebra equation solver is to solve the equation and to get the value of variables. The
fol owing are the important things that need to be noted down in algebra equations
Variables :-
The variable is the important thing that needs to be considered in equations.
Operations :-
Operations such as (+, -, x, /) are the operations that plays an important role solving
Values :-
We should enter the correct and valid values to get a perfect answer in solving
Solve x + 3 = 0
To get the value x send +3 to other side, we get x = -3.
Therefore, x is -3

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It is very simple. It only deals with whole numbers in the above example.
Solving Algebraic Equations
Below are the examples on solving algebraic equations:
Example 1 :- Solve 2x + 12 = 0
Put al the variables on one side and values on other side.
We get, 2x = -12
Now to get x value divide both sides with 2
2x2 = -122, x = -6
(2) Solve the equation x2 - 4 = 0
x2 - 4 = 0
Add 4 on both the sides we get, x2 = 4
To avoid a square put square root on both the sides, x = 4
x = 2


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