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Chakra Energy Secrets
The energy point in the human body for receiving and transmitting the life force of energy is called
a chakra. It is a word derived from Sanskrit which means the sphere or a spinning wheel. In this
case it refers to the energy whirls in a human body.

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Traditionally Hindu scripts believe that there are 88,000 chakra points in the human body. But out
of these, seven chakras form the vital points for the flow of chi along the spinal column to the
crown of the head.

The thousands of chakras fall into these 7 major points which consist of: the stomach or solar
plexus chakra, the 3rd eye or brow chakra, the heart chakra, sex or navel chakra, the throat
chakra, the base chakra and the crown chakra. All of these areas take the energy for your
surrounding and transfer it to your body. Some people have said that they can notice a difference
in such things as their emotional state as well as psychological aspects and they are stimulated
both intellectually and spiritually.

Throughout history Chakras have been described several different ways, but most of these ways
have one common characteristic. The Chinese medicinal description and even the Hindu
interpretation have things in common. Chakra is the understanding of the way that the human
mind thinks and the ways in which humans express and experience emotions in everyday life.

The chakras are in perpetual motion whether we are awake or asleep. Continual activity does
influence the glandular processes, physical disorders, structure and appearance as well as our
actions and deeds. When one or more of the chakras malfunction for different reasons this will
cause an imbalance, it then continues to make it known in other areas.

Each of the seven chakras associates with a specific endocrine gland of our body. Imbalance to
the proper functioning of a chakra it will impact the emotional and physical processes of the body.
Eventually, it will expose itself as a disorder of some type in the normal patterns of activity and or
behavior in the associated endocrine gland.

It is extremely important to attempt to maintain Chakra balance by using the above as a starting
part. It is important that you realize all major illnesses are related to one of the seven main
chakras. There may not be physical evidence yet of the illness, but emotions or worries from past

events in our lives may still effect us today emotionally as well as spiritually.

One of the major causes of chakra imbalance is associated with repressed emotional baggage
that develops from past trauma. These habitually buried emotional toxins of the subconscious
influence the cellular level of our body.

Thus it is very essential to deal with the emotional baggages at once and delete them from your
sub conscious.

It is important to keep a healthy chakra so that you body can function as it should and you can do
this by doing such techniques as aromatherapy, chakra balancing by use of gemstones, crystals
or a pendulum, Reiki healing or color therapy.

The performances of yoga breathing and physical exercises are beneficial to maintaining chakra
balance within the body and it is something that many individuals enjoy participating in.

There is a wide variety of chakra healing methods, such as using CDs and audio guided
visualization tapes to inspire techniques of relaxation and natural healing or focusing on an object,
thought or awareness for a particular amount of time. These help by reducing stress and
channeling relaxation and mind power.

Although, we may not be able to see or touch our chakras, the do work continually to maintain the

In order to maintain balance, you need to eat right and stay healthy. There are even certain foods
that will help with all seven chakras.

The root chakra takes nourishment from spices, protein rich food and root vegetables. Foods such
as nuts, seeds, sweet fruits, cinnamon and vanilla nourish the sacral chakra. The solar plexus
chakra that enhances out sense of personal self love and self confidence is nourished by
consuming dairy products, pasta, breads, spicy mints and cereals.

Take care of your heart chakra with green leafy vegetables. You can also go with a green tea
which can help flush things out. For your throat chakra, you'll need to push fluids. Fruit juices and
water are very good for this, especially juices that have apples or peaches.

The enhancement of the sharpness of in our third eye sight and a deep sense of our psychical
talents and gifts that associate with the brow or third eye chakra finds nourishment from the
consumption of grape juice, wine, grapes and blueberries.

Our crown chakra, the center of our spiritual and emotional center needs detoxification through

fasting and/or ritual inhalation of incense and herbs.

We can develop our health through the stimulation of the chakras. Through this stimulation
process one can inspire to be more responsive in their life as they get tuned up with the
surroundings and with the side elements of the physical and metaphysical environment we live in.

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