Am I Cut Out for a Career in Information Technology?

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Am I Cut Out for a Career in Information Technology?
A career in computer science and information technology (IT) appeals to young students because of
theattractive salaries these jobs can offer. But it could be very easy to get enticed by the potential salary
without a clue as to the work involved, resulting in regret and disappointment.
There are a few things you need to consider before deciding on an IT education.
What interests you about computers?
Edsger W. Dijkstra said, "Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about
telescopes." Information technology and computer science is concerned with programming software
and other technology that simplify our lives. Ask yourself if you are genuinelyinterested in programming,
software development, and writing code. If your answer is affirmative, then a career in information
technology could interest you.
Are you logically and mathematically inclined?
Take some time to evaluate your personal traits and interests.Information technology is a field that
requires you to possess analytical and logical skills. Since you are required to work with numbers, it
would help if you have an aptitude formath. Think about this very carefully, because this is one of the
main reasons students drop out of their programs mid-way. If you're going to take up programming, you
will need to be mathematically inclined. If not, you might want to consider other fields within information
What will be expectedfrom you in the IT field?
Truthfully, in the field of information technology, the learning process never comes to an end. The field is
constantly evolving and you're going to have to spend a lot of your free time reading and learning in order
to stay on top of things. Thinking on your feet and being prompt in your ability to identify and fix a problem
will take you far in this field.
Do you see yourself doing this long-term?
If you get caught up in the fantasy of earninga lot of money really fast, you're going to grow impatient
and lose interest in the field really soon.It might take you a few years to develop your skills and advance
professionally, so you should ask yourself whether you're willing to invest that many years in order to
grow in this field.
Are you only doing it for the money?
Pursuing a career in a field solely for money is really not a good idea. You have to feel passionate about
your career because passion is what sustains your interest. Today a large number of colleges offer
guidance counseling and advising services to students to help them make the right decision for their
career. CollegeAmerica is an example of a college that offers students a one-on-one career planning
meeting with an admissions consultant. According to CollegeAmerica reviews this planned meeting
helps students better understand their career goals and motivations, which in turn helps them make a
sound decision about their career. You can read a CollegeAmerica review here.
If, after much deliberating and contemplation, you do decide that information technology is the right
career for you, pick a program from an accredited college that will offer you well-balanced programs that
give you a taste of everything the IT field can offer, such as web development, database management,
hardware maintenance, etc., while offering you the opportunity to focus on the aspects that interest you
the most.