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"American Avenger" Adult Superheroine Movie Under Production
The League of Amazing Women and Ultra Fem launch joint project with crowd-funding

The League of Amazing Women ( and Ultra Fem ( have
announced the production of an x-rated movie based on the character American Avenger, the star-spangled
superheroine leader of the League's fetish web site.
The League of Amazing Women, an internet provider of superheroine fetish since 2002, specializes in video clips,
photos and comics featuring superheroines in fighting, bondage and forced orgasm situations.
"Vesta," the founder of the site who starred as the original American Avenger, has taken the League into more
x-rated territory recently.
"The light bondage just isn't enough for today's audience," says Vesta. "We can go a farther, and our audience
definitely wants to see that."
Lisa M. Hayes, aka "Ultra Fem," is a cartoonist who specializes in custom x-rated art. She was discovered by the
League in 2005, and she's gone on to create a thriving adult business of her own. She had the idea for the Ameri-
can Avenger movie earlier this year.
"I had participated in a couple of projects at Kickstarter and IndieGoGo," says Lisa. "I saw how successful the
crowd-funding approach could be, and I found the whole concept very exciting. It's an approach that wouldn't
have worked a few years ago, but with the success of sites like Kickstarter, I think people understand it now. The
fans are paying for the content they want to see, and they can help make it happen."
"As far as we know," she says "this will be the first time an x-rated movie has sought crowd-funding in this way.
It's very exciting!"
For their star, the League has cast adult fetish model Candle Boxxx to play American Avenger.
"Candle Boxxx was the only choice, real y," says Lisa. "She's the right type, and she can do the x-rated stuff we
need. She was on-board as soon as we contacted her. That part was easy. Everything else will be hard."
"Producing a movie, even a cheap one, is terribly expensive," says Lisa. "Paying models for an hour or two at a
time to make short clips is one thing, but when you're making a full-length movie, you need an entire cast for
DAYS. And then there's equipment, travel, locations, sets... that's why we need the fans."
"We've set a fundraising goal of $40,000," she says, "with perks for the various levels of support the fans want to
provide. We'll make the movie no matter what amount we raise, no question. And once the fans see what we do, I
think they'll be eager to back a sequel."
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