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Analogue & Digital watch which watch is Ideal for Everyday Use
Watch is simply a timepiece worn on the wrist. It defines craftsmanship. There are ample
varieties of watches available in the market that signal style and k eep you punctual. W atches
can broadly be classified into two types. They are Analogue Watches and Digital Watches.
A. Analogue Watches
“Analogue” as a term defines representing a continuously changing variable. An Gold
Quartz Analogue watch is designed to display disk or circular screen with a series of
numbers till 12, XII, or thick m arks with three special hands rotating with different
speeds. T he smallest and slowest of all is the hours hand; the longest and fastest
among the three is the second’s hand. Minutes hand is faster than hours and slower
than second’s hand. Its length is longer t han the hours hand and shorter than second
B. Digital/Numbered Watches
These watches represent time in actual numbers. In digital watches the hour, minute and
seconds, all three variables are represented by numbers Eg., 12:10:30. Here, 12
indicates hour, 10 indicates minute and 30 indicates seconds. You can measure
seconds accurately in digital watches. They can be maintained in 12hr or 24hr format.
Digital and Analogue watches have distinctive features. Digital watches are perfect for sports.
Analogue watches are more convenient as daily wear watches. Let us have a look at few of the
pros and cons of Analogue over digital watches.
1. Easy to Set
Digital watches are bit confusing to set as they have more than one button on the sides
and setting time is complex. With analogue watches, setting time is e xtremely simple.
They have one knob which needs to be pulled out and rotated clockwise/anticlockwise,
and your time is set!
2. Cost Effective
It’s budget friendly to own more than one analogue watch as they are way cheaper than
the digital watches. This is because Analogue watches are simpler than digital watches
with lesser complexities.
3. Longevity
The lifetime of an Analogue Silver watch is more as they are easy to maintain, are tough
and do not get damaged even after for long use. It is also very easy to clean analogue
4. Style Quotient
Analogue watches are more stylish, fashionable and look beautiful. They are available in
different styles with many accessories added artistically to make it more than just a
simple watch inside the dial. Digital watches have little to add on the style front due to
their technical design.
5. Simplicity
Black Leather Analogue watches define simplicity. They have very simple designs
compared to digital watches and are very easy to operate.
People of all age groups can effectively use analogue watches. Analogue or digital watch. Pick
your style. If it is an analogue, then no better place to pick you new watch that at premier online
stores. Shop and avail amazing discounts!