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SysTools Export Notes


SysTools Export Notes is the one of the best Lotus Notes conversion program
to convert Lotus Notes NSF Database to MS Outlook PST Files keeping all
metadata information intact. Convert Lotus Notes contacts, address Book,
journals, calendars, notes, to-do-list to Outlook using Export Notes software.
Export Notes converts Lotus Notes items and then SAVE them to NEW PST file.

Feature Listing

Accurate Metadata
Export Notes is the only application that keeps all Meta data details such as to, from, cc, bcc, sent
date receive dates and times intact and accurate after NSF to PST conversion.
Convert NSF to PST even with error
Export Notes converts NSF file to PST file even if it displays errors: "You are not authorized to
perform that operation: .names.nsf
Converts all items of Lotus Notes
Export Notes is versatile software to convert all items of Lotus Notes such as emails, journals,
personal journals, calendars, and contacts, address book, to do list to Outlook including text,
attachments, folders and subfolders.

Unique Features
Tool is automated to create Multiple PST files if the resultant PST size crosses more than 20 GB
while conversion. Simple UI framework that helps to carry out the whole process and software can
even converts recurrence calendar entry without any damage.
Points to Remember
While the process of NSF to PST conversion is been carried out Lotus Notes SHOULD be installed &
SHOULD NOT be connected to Domino server.
Fastest Solution Even with large Lotus Notes database files Export Notes will complete the Lotus
Notes conversion in seconds that also without data loss or damage.
Easy to Execute
Export Notes has easy & simple user interface and do not require any technical know-how for Lotus
Notes export and demands less time and effort from user side.
Virtual Support
Software runs with Lotus Notes 8.5, 8.0, 7.0, 6.5 & 5.0 and Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows
ME, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows 7 successfully.

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