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1 Weird Diet Tip To
Banish Cellulite Quickly

Cellulite is one of
those pesky little
things that all
women dread but
most women have.
In fact, up to ninety
percent of women
have some amount
of cellulite, while it
is rarely found in

The dimply, orange peel
appearance of cellulite is
actually caused by a group of
fat cells deposited within the
connective tissue. As the
tissue weakens, fat cells can
push through, causing an
unsightly change in
Several factors can contribute
to the development of
cellulite, including genetics,
hormonal imbalances, diet,
lifestyle, elasticity in the skin,
and circulatory system

As far as diet
goes, there are
several foods that
you can eat to
reduce cellulite,
as well as several
you should avoid
that can actually
contribute to the
develop of
cellulite or make
it worsen.

It is important to eat
foods that help balance
hormones, foods that help
reduce inflammation,
foods rich in sulfur, foods
that improve blood
circulation, and foods rich
in vitamin C.
This article will focus on
one aspect of this entire
cellulite reducing diet
plan. Narrowing it down to
1 diet tip to banish
cellulite, we will focus on
the role of hormone
balancing foods.

1 Diet Tip To Banish
Cellulite : Certain Foods To
Steer Clear Of

First of all, before
attempting to
help banish
cellulite through
the use of diet, in
order to achieve
the most
effective results,
it is important
that you attempt
to shed any
excess weight.

Even though thin people can
just as easily have cellulite as
larger people, if you carry
several extra pounds of fat,
this can definitely make the
cellulite problem much worse.
These diet tips will prove
much more effective after
you've worked to lose the
weight. Obviously, it doesn't
hurt to try to balance out the
hormones for other reasons
too, but you'll see better
results when you attempt the
reduction diet at a healthy

In our battle to get rid
of cellulite, it is
important to consider
the hormone estrogen.
High levels of estrogen
can actually increase
the development of
Estrogen is responsible
for softening fibrous
tissue, and acts to
weaken the connective
tissue where the fat
deposits collect.