Antifragility, Innervision, Dreamsequence

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Antifragility / Innervision / Dreamsequence
Rui Botelho Rodrigues
Study. Thursday, 09:11 AM. Misanthropist / Philosopher
How much do I pay you again?
One fifty.
That's per session?
It's not cheap.
What exactly am I getting in return?
You get to talk.
You do most of the talking.
Well, then, you get to listen.
Except you're not a comedian or a motivational speaker.
Of course not, you would have to pay me much more. But in a way, I'm a
combination of both.
Comedians, if they're any good, see beyond the box, past the bullshit. The
confrontation between your common sense and their nonsense is what makes you
laugh. Motivational speakers are the opposite, they pick your nonsense and dress it
in common sense, to make the bullshit seem more appealing.
Don't flatter yourself. Besides, you shouldn't curse.
BS is a valid empirical category. Without BS, we wouldn't be able to function. BS is
what allows us to do things, stupid things and great things alike.
How so?
We live in a world too complicated to be fully understood. If, during our day to day
life, we were able to grasp the immense possibilities and non-possibilities of
everything, we would be paralyzed in fear. So, we bullshit ourselves. We bullshit
ourselves about how much we know. That confidence, even if based on a lie, is
essential. It's what propels us to discover, experiment, enjoy.
That's quite depressing.
Why is it depressing?
That means no one learns from their mistakes, as they will bullshit themselves later,
once again.
The point is not for you to learn from your mistakes.
What is it then?
It's for you to learn from the mistakes of others. And others from yours. It's how
you avoid The Fragilista Olympics.
Imagine a team sport where three men stand still forming a triangle, each holding a
gun pointed at the temple of the one to his left. The referee blows the whistle. All
three men, at the same exact millisecond, shoot their respective guns. The crowd
cheers. The team has just won the gold medal for synchronized homicide.
Unfortunately, they will not be abl e to ever receive their honors. Having seen the
result, do you think there will be any other team competing?
So I guess the prize is handed to the people watching.
Sacrifice for knowledge. Through bullshit.
How poetic...
The point is they were too drawn into the bullshit to predict their own demise, in a
sense, they were consumed by their confidence. They won, but they lost by wining,
and we won by watching them lose.
That is convoluted.
That's what she said.
One fifty an hour...
50 minutes.
Can't help but think that you're incredibly overpriced.
Hopefully, someone will learn from your mistake.