Apache Hadoop Training

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Apache Hadoop Training
By Attune University

* Apache Hadoop is an open source software
framework that supports data-intensive distributed

* This 3 day Apache Hadoop hands-on training is for
who want to learn and use Hadoop to build data
processing application and manage Apache Hadoop
clusters in development and production servers

* This training covers Hadoop Architecture, HBase
and Map/Reduce, Pig, Hive, Cassandra, Chukwa,
ZooKeeper, Avro, Mahout, Hadoop deployment, and
Hadoop integration with existing Data sets

Who should Attend
* IT Professionals

* Software Developers

* System Engineers, Integrators

* System Admins

* DBAs

* Technical Students

Technology Trend Graph
As you can see from the graph people are start accepting
Apache Hadoop and the trend is going up and up.

Apache Hadoop Technology
* Adopt any open-source platform for configuring
Hadoop setup and environment

* Implement a computational standard called

* Use distributed file system (HDFS)

* Setup Fault tolerance environment

* Scale awfully well infrastructure

What Your Getting
* Complete Apache Hadoop Solution

* How to develop and configure hadoop and its

* How to reduce your overall computation/IT costs

* How to take your apps globally distributed in

We Will Cover During Training
* Hadoop Components

* MapReduce

* Hadoop Distributed File System

* Managing Hadoop

* Sqoop, Hive, Pig, ZooKeeper, Avro, Cassandra,

* Mahout

* Big Data

* HBase

Our Accomplishments & Methodology
* Successfully delivered 25+ online trainings

* Our trainings are delivered in a variety of
mediums- online, corporate, self-paced, public

* Easy language, friendly interface, and
convenient structured materials

Trainer Expertise
* Hands on experience in Apache Hadoop

* Keen Expertise in
* Hadoop Cluster Architecture, Security, Maintenance
* Big Data
* Pig, Hive, Cassandra, chukwa

Our Accomplishments & Methodology 10
* Successfully delivered 25+ online trainings

* Our courses are delivered in a variety of mediums -
Online, Corporate, Self-Paced and Public.

* Easy language, friendly interface.

* Convenient structured materials.