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ession Goubault (44) – 12/2009.nier – Impr – Photos Studio Gar Y&R 2009LM – RCS Paris B 582 145 470 – €M o v i n g f o r w a r d w i t h A P L I XAUTOMOTIVE Hook & Loop for Seat AssemblyA P L I X S.A. au capital de 2 162 688®AplixHOOK & LOOP for seat AssemblyTo meet the performance requirements of Automotive Seating in terms of design, comfort and economics, APLIX has developed a complete range of hook fasteners that can be molded into urethane foam pads in order to engage into the loop sewn onto the back of the trim cover, thereby providing a seat tie-down with sharp defi nition.Loop for Sewing processHigh Pile Loop Product folded and sewn at the join seam area.Mold-in products for Foaming processGripping element molded in the foam pad at precise tie down locations.aplix® 985 Shieldless Mold-in Fastener• Plastic fastener for straight parts.• Metal resin for quick alignment in mold.aplix® 255 Shieldless Mold-in Fastener• Textile fastener with foam backing Straight & Curves.• Metal resin for quick alignment in mold.Our product range offers shielded or shieldless products according to application requirements.Seat Assembly with Hook & LoopHook & Loop engagement for sharp tie down defi nition.aplix® 985aplix® 255aplix® 624 Knit Loop• 100% Polyester.• High Flexibility adapted to steep curves at the join seam area.• Center pile and full pile versions depending on trench design and location.“Today, an increasing number of automotive seat producers rely onAPLIX innovative hook & loop A P L I Xsystems”.www.aplix.comAdvantagesProductivity gainsImmediate and High initial engagement is The key success factor for productivity gains. When compared to Hog Ring Systems, Hook & Loop system reduces the seat assembly process cycle time by 20% to 40% depending on the seat design. Automation is possible, especially with envelop type covers.Recycling made EasyHook & Loop Systems are free of solid metal – therefore no special care is needed for recycling either cover or urethane foam pad as opposed to Hog Ring Systems.Improved ergonomicsIn assembly plants using clips or hog ring systems, Carpal tunnel injuries and tendinitis are known to be the major factors for employee absenteism. Hook & Loop system Ages greatly reduces the associated costs of absenteism and workman’s compensation, as a result of minimal pressure needed along the tie down area to ensure a secure engagement between the hook and loop.Improved Seat ComfortAnt Some glue down and “Pour in Place” technologies lack hygrothermality (seat cover does not let air go through). Hog Ring and clip Systems may present hard points over the life of the vehicule. Hook and loop system does not present such drawbacks.Improved Aesthetics Perceived QualityHook & Loop Systems provide a continuous engagement between the gripping element Adv and the loop sewn on the cover. This prevents the bridging/tenting effect of the cover that may occur between two hog ring locations thereby improving Seat aesthetics.Thin Closure SystemHook & Loop Systems require a thin closure (3-5mm) as opposed to clips and hog rings. Seat designers will be able to reduce the thickness of the foam pad and seat cover. Thereby, creating additional raw material cost savings to the seat maker.Design FlexibilityDesigners may freely use curves in seat designs with hook and loop. Since Hog ring system may require multiple anchor points to sustain a high curve definition without bridging effect, the use of curve is often dismissed with Hog Ring and Clips since it may be considered as too labor intensive.APLIX is the hook and loop fastening system specialist committed to providing innovative products that meet customer needs in the hygiene, automotive, aircraft, packaging and other selected industries.Your contact for automotive fastening productsFor North and South America :APLIX INC. Detroit Office30233 southfield Road, suite 116sOUtHFIeLd, MI 48076tel : (248) 647 6300 – Fax : (248) 647 [email protected] Europe, Middle East, Africa : APLIX S.A.Z.A. Les Relandières - Rd 72344850 - Le CeLLIeR - FRAnCetel : +33 (0)2 28 22 00 00 - Fax : +33 (0)2 28 22 01 [email protected] Asia :APLIX (HONG KONG) LTD.Amiata Industrial Building – 32/F Flat B58-64 Lei Muk Roadnew territories – HOng KOngtel : (852) 2423 1151 – Fax : (852) 2489 2218ession Goubault (44) – 12/[email protected] – Impr – Photos Studio Gar Y&R 2009LM – RCS Paris B 582 145 470 – €A P L I Xwww.aplix.com S.A. au capital de 2 162 688®Aplix