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Apparel for the Chilly Winters
'Winter is coming' - the spine chilling line from one of the most famous TV se ries 'The
Game of Thrones' based on the book series ' A song of Ice and Fire' elicits shivering
responses. Though your preparations for winter will not be as crazy as 'The Games of
Thrones' with you walking around dressed like the characters from GOT, it’s about time
to brace for winter. Freezing temperatures, snow, snowmen, no schools, shorter
schedules, blocked roads, cracked skin, etc. are all things that define the chilly winters.
The tendency to neglect changes in climate can affect the body adversely. Minor
changes from applying moisturizer, different food habits and upgraded clothes can help
in a big way to protect the skin and body. With changing in trends today’s winte r wear; it
is more about style and comfort than ever before, for both men and women. Availability
of variety in patterns, designs in different colors, sizes, styles, fabrics, etc. has
increased the options for today's consumers before making final choices.
It's no secret that winter wear is expensive, however if you carefully plan you will be
make the investment worth every dime. Winter wear protects you and last longer
making it a good investment.
Dump the old style sweaters and opt for trendy jackets, gloves, scarves, coats, polo
shirts and full sleeves T-shirts. Revamp your wardrobe for this winter based on your
activities and the time of the day. Don't mix your clubbing and skiing clothes. You surely
don't want to be seen in thick layered sweater topped with jackets at a club. Plan and
shop the winter wear based on the generalized schedule for winter. Buy full sleeves
shirts and mix it with jacket as it helps you to manage your warmth according to
changes in the temperature. Buy breathable fabric shirts which can be used even after
summer sets in.
Another tip would make it layered. Dressing in layers not only keeps you warm but also
gives you a choice to remove a layer or add more. Thermal clothes are great for mixing
with daily wear for your layered style. Thermal clothes, jackets, cardigans, long coats
are meant to be teamed up with other clothing to keep you warm. They will protect you
from light rain, snow and chilly winds.