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Are you planning to make a website of your
own and launch it soon? If yes, then you
should certainly take in consideration Linux
hosting also commonly known as UNIX
hosting. Linux web hosting allows you to
use the open source Linux to run your
website and servers while also availing a
number of other Linux based web
cloud storage

Linux web hosting is one of the best Web hosting service today as
you get to use the Linux operating system, MYSQL database,
Apache server software and PHP for scripting Also, you can get a
greater level of flexibility when it comes to Linux hosting as
compared to windows hosting for example you get Telnet support
with Linux web hosting, something windows servers can't
provide support for Linux web hosting would also allow you to get
faster speed as compared to the windows server which would in turn
benefit you by getting faster load times

This fast speed is achieved by placing lesser load on the servers
and thus providing you with a very reliable environment on your
website Web hosting services based on operating systems of open
source origins would also make it easier for you to fix any bug that
might occur in your website Linux hosting has been already used by
hundreds of people by now therefore you can get solutions and
patches for any bugs you might come across and easily fix the

While planning to gets a web hosting service you should go back to
the basics and make a general plan of the services you are planning
to provide to your visitors This would help you in determining what
kind of web hosting service would be the most suitable for you and
would provide you more insight in deciding what kind of scripting,
software's and databases you want to use

You will be able to find enormous amounts of space for your
website through Linux hosting while availing many free installed
features and web hosting plans However, all you need to consider is
what are the needs and requirements of your website

You will find Linux web hosting useful within any set of limited
hosting needs So what makes Linux web hosting so popular? You
will find that most of the website of the internet are operating upon
Linux hosting as they are able to get their website up and running at
the cheapest rates by utilizing Linux web hosting services

Some of the other open source technologies that support Linux
hosting are python, XML and cloud storage MYSQL

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