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Have you seen those big and shiny fishes in aquariums? They are called Arowana fish or dragon fish; they can grow up to 4 feet long and generally are carnivores. Arowana fish is found in different countries usually their species can vary. Arowana fish breeding is a thriving industry that one can get into. The industry is a ripe one wherein arowana trading pays much. But abuse of arowana fishes leads to endangering their species. Since they take time to mature, they are subject to the abuse and advantages of traders who care less. That is why they are expensive due to the dangers that surround them as well as the time that it takes to make them grow. It came even to a point wherein authorities have to put microchips in the body of arowana just to monitor whether they are taken illegally. Click Here For Arowana Secrets Instant Access Now! Careful growing methods and feeding is practiced in arowana fish breeding. From time to time, breeders check and collect male arowana that brood eggs or fry which came from mud ponds. There are about 10-20 eggs found in a male arowana’s mouth which has an average size of 15 millimeters. In a week’s time you will see that the eggs are ready to hatch. In about a month, the fish can grow about 2-3 centimeters. They get their nutrients in their yolk sack, give it another 2 weeks and the fish will begin to separate from its yolk sack and attempts to swim. Another 2 months or so they will be released by the male arowana from its mouth and begin to swim freely. It takes about a year for the fry to grow and be sold. They are separated from the male arowana in order to avoid the risk of being eaten up. Arowana fish breeding requires much dedication and focus. Are you ready to breed arowana? Click Here For Arowana Secrets Instant Access Now!