Artificial Lift and Transformer Oil Markets Driven by Intensive Measures from Key Players - New Report by MicroMarket Monitor

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Artificial Lift and Transformer Oil Markets Driven by Intensive
Measures from Key Players - New Report by MicroMarket Monitor
Artificial Lift Services market report classifies the market by Geographies, Services,
Technologies, Equipment, Applications, End users, Tools and Companies
The global artificial lift market is driven by an evergreen demand
for energy, substantiated by the use of hydrocarbon resources.
"Key Players in the
Intensive measures taken by key players in the E&P sector to
market are
improve production capacities, in both green and brown fields,
Schlumberger Oilfield
support the need for artificial lifts. The applicability of these lifts in
Services Reservoir
a wide range of production activities and the increase in yields make
these a pivotal part in production activities. Transformer oil
consumption is driven by the expanding power grids in developing
Completion and
countries, increasing investments and enhancement of power grids
Production, Aker Field-
in regions like Europe and North America, and the growing
Life solutions, Archer
transition towards other renewable sources of energy. Majority of
Limited well services,
the production capacities are present in North America, Asia-
Halliburton Completion
Pacific, and European regions, which also act as a driver for local
and Production"
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North America Artificial Lift Services Market:
North America is the biggest consumer of oil and gas in the global
market, with approximately 23.1 MBOE per day. The region is
"The North American
characterized with continuous technical innovative applications in
artificial lift market was
various segments of the oil and gas industry, with the presence of
valued at $4,689.4
top service providers such as Schlumberger Ltd (U.S.), Halliburton
million in 2013, to grow
Ltd (U.S.), Baker Hughes (U.S.), etc.
at a CAGR of 8.3%
from 2013 to 2018."
European Artificial Lift Services Market:
The European artificial lift market was estimated to be about
$3,526.5million in 2013, and is expected to reach $5,376.0
"The European artificial
million by 2018, growing at a CAGR of 8.8%. Most of the
lift market was estimated to
artificial lift market share of Europe is occupied by Russia,
be about $3,526.5million in
which has a slow growth rate when compared to other European
2013, and is expected to
reach $5,376.0 million by
2018, growing at a CAGR
of 8.8%."
Asia Pacific Artificial Lift Services Market:
"The APAC artificial lift
The Asia-Pacific region constitutes nearly 61.0% of the
world's population, which hints at
market is estimated to be
an ever-increasing high
about $1,033.3 million in
demand of oil and gas. Consumption of oil and gas is
2013, and is expected to
approximately three times higher than the production in this
reach $1731.2 million by
region, which challenges future energy security and economic
2018, to grow at a CAGR of
growth. Big economies in the Asia-Pacific region are China,
Japan, India, Malaysia, Australia, South Korea, Indonesia, and
Taiwan. Asia-Pacific is the third-biggest market of artificial
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lifts, with almost half of the contribution coming from China.
Asia Pacific Transformer Oil Market:
The Asia-Pacific transformer oil market is estimated to grow
"The Asia-Pacific
from $851.3 million in 2013 to $1,384.7 million in 2018, at an
transformer oil market is
estimated CAGR of 10.2% for the same period. In 2013, China
estimated to grow from
led the Asia-Pacific transformer oil market followed by India,
$851.3 million in 2013 to
Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.
$1,384.7 million in 2018, at
an estimated CAGR of
10.2% for the same
North America Transformer Oil Market:
"The North American
North America is the second-largest market for transformer oil,
transformer oil market is
next to Asia-Pacific in terms of revenue. The presence of many
estimated to grow from
naphthenic oil producers such as Ergon (U.S.), San Joaquin
$410 million in 2013 to
Refining (U.S.), Tulstar (U.S.), Lubline (U.S.), and Cross Oil
$606.7 million in 2018, at
(U.S.) makes naphthenic-based transformer oils the major oil
an estimated CAGR of
type used in oil-filled transformers and other electrical
8.13% for the same
equipment in this region. Bio-based transformer oils are gaining
growth mainly due to Cargill Inc. and ABB, which have their
own brands of bio-based transformer oils.
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