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P u r e H e r b a l s
AsiAn GinsenG with CAeDS®
The herbal answer to boost your energy naturally.
Recommended Usage:
The tenets of traditional Chinese medicine cite ginseng
Take 2 capsules daily.
as a natural path to increased energy and longevity. Today,
I need Asian Ginseng with CAeDS® if...
Ginseng is primarily used as an energy booster that allows
Periods of stress
the body to respond more effectively to both physical and
seem to sap my energy.
Store closed in a cool, dry location.
emotional stress. Infinity2’s Asian Ginseng contains Ginseng
I need more energy for my daily routine.
as a whole herb delivered with CAeDS® to ensure your body
Shelf Life:
receives all the benefits from this gift of nature.
2 years
Item#: US69612
Asian Ginseng with CAeDS® 60 count
• Add energy to your daily routine.
• Handle physical and emotional stress more effectively.
• Improve your ability to adapt to change and stress.

What Makes Infinity2’s Asian Ginseng with CAeDS® Superior?
Contains no major allergens.
As a leader in nutrition and health, Infinity2 has created a line of herbs that are unique from all others
(Contains no milk, egg, wheat,
on the market. By adding CAeDS® to its herbal products, Infinity2 has taken nature’s best herbs and
soy, peanuts, nuts, corn, fish or shellfish.)
insured your body will receive the maximum benefits. CAeDS® is at the heart of every Infinity2
People with known allergy to plants in the
product to ensure the nutrients in its products are delivered to the cells of your body.
Araliaceae family (also known as the Aralia family
or the Ivy family) should avoid ginseng.
• Contains the whole herb as used effectively in
traditional herbal medicine.
Supplement Facts
Drug/Nutrient Interactions:
Asian Ginseng can interact with certain medica-
Serving Size 1 Capsule
• Contains a custom formulated Chelated
tions. For a detailed list of potential interactions,
Servings Per Container 60
Activated Enzyme Delivery System (CAeDS®)
see the Drug/Nutrient Interaction Details section
ensuring the nutrients in this herbal
Amount Per Serving
% DV
at the end of the Technical Information portion
supplement are absorbed and delivered to the
Zinc (as zinc chelazome®)
0.4 mg 3%
of this document. Consult your health
cells of the body for guaranteed maximum
Manganese (as manganese chelazome®)
0.08 mg 4%
practitioner and/or pharmacist if you are
Molybdenum (as molybdenum chelazome®)
6.25 mcg 8%
using any medications.
Asian Ginseng (root)
315 mg †
• Natural, highest quality ingredients, and
Special Considerations/Contraindications:
completely vegetarian.
CAeDS® for Asian Ginseng
25 mg †
Do not use Asian Ginseng if you have high blood
Cellulase, Amylase, Calcium Amino Acid Chelate,
pressure, diabetes, liver or kidney disease or are
Magnesium Chelazome®, Zinc Chelazome®, Protease,
pregnant or nursing. Do not use ginseng in com-
• Contains no lactose, gluten, MSG, salt, sugar,
Lipase, Manganese Chelazome®, Copper Chelazome®,
Molybdenum Chelazome®.
bination with anti-depressants or blood thinning
artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or
medications unless directed by a
chemical preservatives, additives, or fillers.
† Daily Value (DV) not established.
physician. Some individuals may be sensitive and
Other Ingredients: Vegetable fiber, water.
find Panax ginseng too stimulating, especially if
Albion International, Inc. patent 5882685.
used before bedtime.
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P u r e H e r b a l s
Asian Ginseng with CAeDS® Technical Information
Ginseng Basics

double-blind, placebo-controlled studies evaluated com-
Ginseng is recognized as an energy booster and an
bined treatment with Panax ginseng and ginkgo and found
adaptogen that allows the body to respond to physical and
some evidence of improved mental function (16; 33; 34).
emotional stress. However, there are several variations of
ginseng available on the market with varying effects. It is
Sports Performance
important to distinguish the type of ginseng being used
Several studies have examined the potential of Panax
in a product because ginseng properties vary according to
ginseng as an ergogenic aid to enhance sports perfor-
the different types. Asian ginseng or Panax Ginseng (Panax
mance. Animal studies have shown that ginseng enhances
pseudoginseng) is considered the strongest, whereas
exercise endurance by altering fuel homeostasis during
American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) is milder and
prolonged exercise (18; 32). Studies in humans, however,
thought to be less stimulating.
have shown varying effects on physical performance (1;
8-10). The differences in results are likely due to the differ-
Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) is not
ences in methodology used in the various studies, but this
actually a true ginseng and should not be confused with
deserves further investigation.
Panax ginseng. In Russia, Siberian ginseng was promoted
as a cheaper alternative to ginseng and was believed to
How Ginseng Works (Mechanism of Action)
have identical benefits. However, Siberian ginseng contains
Ginseng’s effects as an energy booster and an adaptogen
eleutherosides, not the ginsenosides that are present in the
that allows the body to respond to physical and emotional
Panax species, which have different physiological effects. It
stress are believed to be through an effect on the pituitary
is the ginsenosides that are believed to be the active
gland. It is thought that ginseng may augment adrenal
ingredients in ginseng and have been studied scientifically
synthesis of steroids via the pituitary gland (2; 11; 14; 17;
(6; 17; 24).
21; 29-31). Evidence suggests that ginseng may also help
regulate catecholamine secretion (29-31), thus helping the
Panax Ginseng
body to adapt to stress and boost energy levels. Ginseng
Panax Ginseng is used in Infinity2’s Asian Ginseng with
also helps the body deal with stress by enhancing immune
CAeDS®. It is the most famous of all Asian medicinal
function (8; 19; 20; 24; 25).
plants. It is a slow growing shrub about 3-4 feet tall with
erect spiny shoots covered with light gray or brownish
bark. It grows in Asia above the 38th latitude. According
Ginseng is widely regarded by the public as a stimulant,
to the tenets of Traditional Chinese Medicine, ginseng
but according to those who use it seriously the correct
promotes Yang energy and is used to increase strength,
description is that of an adaptogenic herb, which supports
increase blood volume, promote life and appetite, quiet
the body and helps balance the body’s energy systems and
the spirits, and give wisdom. Ginseng, which translates
into “cure-all,” has been used for 4,000 years in China to
increase longevity, improve general health, improve the
Infinity2’s Asian Ginseng contains the whole herb as used
appetite, and restore memory.
effectively in traditional herbal medicine. It also has an
exclusive delivery system, CAeDS®, to ensure the greatest
Adaptogenic, Immune
absorption of the active components of the herb for
and General Well-Being
guaranteed maximum effectiveness.
A number of studies have evaluated the effects of Panax
ginseng in vitro and on animals and humans under
The CAeDS® Difference
conditions of extreme stress. The results suggest that
CAeDS® is a highly sophisticated nutrient delivery system
ginseng causes physiological changes that may help the
that ensures the rich nutrients in Infinity2 products are
body adapt to adverse conditions (3; 4; 12; 13; 18; 22),
absorbed and delivered to the cells of the body. The power-
including an enhanced immune response (15; 20; 24; 24-
ful combination of Infinity2’s premium quality ingredients,
26) and increased immune cell activity (19). One particular
advanced formulations, and a cellular nutrient delivery
study compared the effects of a nutritional supplement
system makes it virtually impossible for any other
with and without Panax ginseng extract on the feeling of
company to match the effectiveness of our products.
well-being in 625 people (5). People taking the ginseng-
Simply put, CAeDS® guarantees cellular nutrition for
containing supplement reported significant improvement
maximum effectiveness!
compared to those taking the non-ginseng supplement
(the control group). Similar findings were reported in a
Drug/Nutrient Interaction Details
double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 36 people newly
If you are taking:
diagnosed with diabetes (28). In this study, ginseng also
• Antidepressants (MAO inhibitors): Do not use Panax ginseng if you
improved blood glucose regulation.
are taking MAO inhibitors, as it might cause manic episodes, tremors
or headaches.
Mental Function
• Insulin or oral hypoglycemics: Panax ginseng may reduce your
Several studies have found indications that Panax ginseng
dosage needed.
might enhance mental function. Double-blind studies
• Coumadin (warfarin): Panax ginseng might decrease its effect.
ranging from 8 to 12 weeks have found improvements in
• Influenza vaccine: Panax ginseng might help it work better.
various aspects of mental functioning including abstract
thinking ability (27), improved ability in completion of a
Consult with your health practitioner and/or pharmacist if
detail-oriented editing task (23), and favorable changes in
you are using any medications.
ability to perform mental arithmetic (7). In addition, three
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P u r e H e r b a l s
Asian Ginseng with CAeDS® Technical Information (Continued)
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