atrial fibrillation treatment

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Atrial Fibrillation Treatment: Medicines, Surgery or Electric shock

Atrial Fibrillation denotes the cardiac problem of irregular beating or quivering of the upper
part of the heart. The acatrial fibrillation treatment truly varies according to the reasons of this
problem. Actually the treatment is done according to the cause & symptoms. The problem can
be treated using just some medicines. In serious cases, the surgery is needed to solve the
problem. Sometimes, the treatment of atrial fibrillation can be done just by using some proper
natural supplements and diet.
The irregularity in the heartbeat can be prevented using different medicines like digoxin, beta
blockers, diltiazem hydrochloride etc. Simultaneously
anticoagulant medicines like aspirin; warfarin etc should
also be used to prevent the unexpected blood clots in the
cardiac artery because these can result in massive
strokes. When different rhematic heart diseases cause
the symptom of atrial fibrillation, commonly some
surgeries are needed to repair the damaged valves of the
heart. Angioplasty or the bypass surgery in the coronary
artery is the common options of cardiac surgeries. If the
atrial fibrillation is resulted due to thyrotoxicosis, proper
medications are enough to end the problem. Another
important option of atrial fibrillation treatment is the
electrical cardioversion. In this method, electric shock is
applied to the heart so that it can recover its normal beating.