ATV Repair and Maintenance

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ATV Repair and Maintenance
Your all-terrain vehicle or ATV is an expense and if you'd like it to keep working, it must be taken
care of as one. If you will maintain and repair your ATV, it will grant you several years of safe and
enjoyable operation. The effort and time required to maintain your ATV is not lengthy, but only
must be performed on a regular basis.

Below are some things that must be completed in order to correctly maintain you ATV:

*Clean Regularly

One of the simplest ways to speed up tear and wear on an ATV is to let dirt, mud, and sand to stay
on the machine for a lengthy time period. These things can wear away components, flake paint,
and trigger rust. Within a short time period, sand and dirt that's not wiped clean can become very
hard to take out. If these things are permitted to remain on the ATV, they will induce corrosion too.
By thoroughly cleaning up the ATV on a regular basis, you will avoid the deterioration these things
can produce.

The easy process of thoroughly cleaning up your machine on a regular basis by taking away all dirt,
sand, and mud can stop eventual deterioration.

*Run the ATV within Technical Specs

Every all-terrain vehicle has technical specs wherein it was created to operate efficiently and safely.
When an ATV owner surpasses these technical specs, they risk destroying the machine. Operating
outside technical specs often means driving with excessive weight, running the machine at very
high accelerations, or pushing the ATV to run under harsh conditions. Running your vehicle beyond
design technical specs is the guaranteed road to more replacement expenses and repairs.

Running the machine within design technical specs will foster reduced repair expenses, long-life, and

give safe fun for many years.

*Do Routine Maintenance and Repair

An all-terrain-vehicle is a unit that should have routine repair and maintenance done to boost
effective operation. This consists of oil changes, lubricating moving components, and replacing
defective or worn parts. It's very simple to forget about these routine repair and maintenance jobs
until the ATV needs a major repair. Failure to grease components will result in damage, failure to
change oil frequently will develop engine wear and tear, and failure to change defective or worn
components can make a safety hazard.

By just doing routine maintenance and repair, the ATV owner will conserve a lot of money on
replacements and repairs.

*Properly Prepare ATV for Storage

It is quite simple after the riding season to simply place the ATV inside the garage, and allow it to sit
there until next season. Repeating this leads to a great deal of problems to the chassis, engine, and
fuel system. Few quick and easy steps to properly prepare an ATV for storage help to reduce
unwanted repair expenses, and prolong the life of the machine. Some examples are emptying fuel
from tank or lines, changing oil or filters, and cleaning all dirt from the machine. The time spent
preparing your vehicle properly for storage is worth it.