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Audience Social Review: The World's #1
Advanced Re-Targeting App
Audience Social:
Audience Social is a brand new app which RECLAIMS 91% of your LOST TRAFFIC
for a 500% increase in sales with world's #1 advanced re-targeting app.
It can connect with laser targeted audience to skyrocket your leads, sales and profits.
Audience Social's Key Features:
INSTANTLY increase sales and profits by re-engaging targeted traffic
Easiest retargeting ever - works for absolute beginners with no experience
ONLY software that lets you retarget traffic that goes to sites you don’t even own -
UNLIMITED potential for eCom and affiliate marketers
Cloud-based software works in any niche for any marketer
Supports 5 major retargeting platforms- fb, Google Adwords, Retargeter, Adroll &
perfect audience
How Does Audience Social Work?
Step 1: Login and create a new campaign
Enter up to 6 target urls, then choose how often you want them to rotate
Step 2: Pick your favorite retargeting platform and provide pixel of any
or all of the retargeting platforms.
Step 3: Geotarget your preferred audience. Choose the countries
in which you want to run your campaign.
Step 4: Click “generate url” and Audience Social provides a custom url for your
- use this in emails, social media posts & landing pages
Step 5: Now if you want to run ads on this highly target audience who clicked your link,
Go to You Fb Ads Account, Create Audience, Select "People who visit Specific
webpage" in website traffic and create Audience.
This Audience who clicked on Audience social link is laser targeted who is interested in
your content and you will make 500% more profit next time you run ads on with very
less ad spend.
Step 6: You can check stats of Campaign in statistic panel for any campaign.
Audience Social will show you each Visitor's IP, Country, Device and Source.
Exclusive Bonuses Of Audience Social:
Affiliate List Pro (VALUE: $47)
Here's How You Can Easily Build Your Own List Through Your Affiliate Links - All On
Social Media Domination (VALUE: $67)