Augment Your house Porch with Stylish Porch Columns

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Enhance your Home Porch with Porch Columns
What have you done to make the entrance of your home stand out? If first looks are important, so is the
entrance to your building. And when it comes to the entrance, you do know that you need a good home
porch design. Porches are covered shelters that project out from the entrance of your building, and can
even be a veranda. No matter how you want the porch to be, you know that it needs to be designed in a
unique way.
So, what are the right porch designs?
Porch columns look great both alone and when built into the porch's design. With a variety of columns
being easily available in the market, one can choose the one he likes best and not have to opt for
mundane and common designs. The 4 best porch columns styles are:
Romanesque style which are square in shape and rest on trapezoid-shaped bases generally.
The style which has parallel grooves on its sides with the tops being plain is known as Doric
columns. These are very easy to install.
If you go for ornamental designs having shape of scrolls on the column's top it is known as Ionic
Corinthian styles boast of laurel decoration and the top has an inverted shape of a bell.
Each concrete column should be ventilated and this can be achieved by drilling a hole in the soffit or
place wood blocks between the column and soffit. The sprinkler system shouldn't spray water on
columns and shrubs should be planted away from them too. Inspect the columns regular as they are
exposed to extreme weather conditions from time to time.

If you search in online stores or visit home improvement stores in your locality, you will find an array of
porch columns to choose from. Fiberglass or wood are some common materials used for such columns
though wood requires more maintenance than fiberglass does. Wood might need to be treated so that it
can resist staining, mold, mildew and even fungi as the concrete columns will be out in the open. In
order to make the porch stable, the wood is also treated against shrinkage, swelling and warping.
The installation of porch columns is very important as not having them installed properly can give rise to
a lot of problems in the future. The key features to consider when installing the columns are given
If you need to saw off any part of the column to attain the at height
The sawed end should be treated with a coat of paint or primer before it is installed
Aluminum is considered to be best for porch columns as they can withstand compression and stress and
are light in weight, thereby easy to install. Being available in heights starting from 5 feet till 36 feet, one
can be versatile in the measurements. The best part about such columns is that they are available in a
variety of designs at all stores.