Auto-hemotherapy (AHT) a 90% reduction of the virus of hepatitis C

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Auto-hemotherapy (AHT)
a 90% reduction of the virus of hepatitis C

Why don't they allow autohemotherapy freely?
Since I began Autohemotherapy treatment of my hepatitis two years ago, a 90% reduction of the virus has
been achieved, proven by the lab exam pcr. Quant. virus c: it used to be 1.1000,000 (one million one
hundred thousand) mil/u. Today it is 78,000. Why don't they allow autohemotherapy freely?
Here are the results from the lab exams. Please note the reverse order of the dates.
The internal use of of teas and argyle with the herb ''cip³-de-mil-homens' (topical applications) helped
me a lot, so Bio-energy and Professor Jaime Bruning deserve credits.
Otherwise, the last and next to last treatments were done exclusively with Auto-hemotherapy (note the
sequence of dates).
I noticed that the use of the teas, argyle and the herbs above helped me a lot in my healing, but Auto-
hemotherapy works wonders on its own.
I studied the Cartesian Method (Scientific) in school and presume that the annotations and record keeping
of medications administered, doctors, lab procedures, must be very complex and confusing on top of
other experiments that I have no idea of their existence.
The Auto-hemotherapy self-experiment was due to lack of alternatives. The leg pains disappeared, the
yellow in my eyes (due to hepatitis) is gone, and obviously, my general disposition is extremely
All of that is proven by the Viral count: the elimination of 90% of the virus has been achieved. If you take
into account the oldest Viral count which was of one year before I started the Auto-hemotherapy
treatment (see date), the virus reduction is 95%.
We can speculate that if more Auto-hemotherapy studies were done proving its efficacy, it could
negatively affect the Big Pharma industry, hospitals (jobs and taxes) in a short period if time.

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