Auto Repair & Maintenance in Transmission

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Wrights complete Automotive L.L.C
Let me start off by saying THANK YOU for viewing our site. At Wright's Complete Automotive we
guarantee to be honest and fair and to do our very best to make 100% of our customers 100%
Is your check engine or maintenance required light on? At Wright's Complete Automotive checking
for codes in your vehicles computer system is only one of the many services we offer, and it's
always free.
Let me explain the process a little better though.
What we offer
Here we offer quality service at the right price. Come in today and get an estimate on your vehicle.
We use the latest diagnostic technology to put you back on the road.
Relax in our comfortable waiting room where you can actually hold the t.v. controller and choose a
channel of your liking. Bring your laptop or smart phone and tap into our free Wi-Fi. We also have a
few toys for the kids if you have them with you.
Leave it to us
Our preventive maintenance services include

oil change, lube, filter

tire rotation

brake and transmission fluid replacement

transmission inspection

vehicle inspection

tune up

air conditioning

battery inspection

factory scheduled maintenance



steering and suspension

heating and cooling

electrical system

cooling system repair (A/C)

water pumps

Fuel lines and lines repair
We got it all

From the simple oil change to rebuilding your transmission, we do it all. Come in today and get an
estimate on your vehicle.
All auto maker's have a set of scheduled maintenance requirements. At Wright's Complete
Automotive we have all of those in our data base and are fully capable of performing them all, and
at a significantly lower cost. We also work with most all extended warranty company's as well.
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